Zhejiang province taizhou post: proprietary Chinese medicine to stop using unperformed

by:Celecare     2020-05-17
On September 2, note that a large number of proprietary Chinese medicine will be discontinued. ▍ did not clinch a deal the proprietary Chinese medicine, stop using recently, taizhou city, zhejiang province health bureau issued 'taizhou public medical institution alliance proprietary Chinese medicine joint procurement transaction results notice. File said, in order to ensure the effective implementation in 2019, taizhou public medical institution alliance proprietary Chinese medicine joint procurement deal as a result, will now perform requirements notified as follows: first, clinch a deal the results apply to all kinds of public medical institutions at all levels, taizhou city, the joint procurement cycle is 12 months. Second, taizhou public medical institutions since October 1, 2019, clinch a deal to perform as a result, and stop using did not clinch a deal the products. In addition, the taizhou city health bureau also demanded that all levels of medical institutions shall not offer secondary bargaining - - - - - - - Medical institutions need to joint procurement price within the time required to purchase and sale contracts with suppliers, and through the zhejiang YaoXie purchasing platform online purchasing transactions, secondary bargaining may be undertaken. At the same time, the taizhou city health bureau requirements in terms of price management, public medical institutions joint procurement price is zero bonus to sales; Orgnaization of agency of insurance according to the joint procurement price for settlement; Taizhou joint procurement prices for the actual purchase price (medical institutions Include shipping fee) 。 ▍ monitored high-price drugs in the notification, the last part of the taizhou city health bureau taizhou public medical institutions are also required to strictly control the monitored limited use of drugs. Notification requirements: 1. To strengthen the medical cost control, priority use of basic drugs, drug monitored high prices, strictly control the key monitoring, set limit to use the product. 2. Listed in 2019, taizhou public medical institution alliance did not clinch a deal the products proprietary Chinese medicine joint procurement catalogue, on October 1st, 2019, shall not purchase, use again. 3. To clinch a deal is not strictly a result, circumvent or evade, disguised to purchasing catalog, offline purchase, disguised bargains, assault procurement not clinch a deal the products, or falsification of medical institutions and its head will be investigated for responsibility, serious processing. ▍ proprietary Chinese medicine price pressure now, taizhou city, the results of proprietary Chinese medicine procurement will be from October 1, which is a month later, the official start, the period of one year. Notice, however, pointed out that the purchasing period, in case of national policy changes or drug centralized purchasing in zhejiang province, taizhou joint procurement of medicines work will adjust accordingly. According to the blue parker query, in addition to the taizhou, ningbo city, zhejiang province in 2016 was conducted for the combination of traditional purchasing price. In addition, a few days ago, a city in jiangsu province issued the second negotiation WeiJianWei case files, directly for domestic proprietary Chinese medicine - at a 20% discount - - - - - - Documents show that the area WeiJianWei requires commercial companies and manufacturers to negotiate price, sold to patients in hospital after bargaining price, new price on September 1, 2019. Compared with cancer drugs, generic drugs, 4 + 7 selected drugs take turns to price cuts, proprietary Chinese medicine in pressure on prices, on the surface seems to have no so big. But it is undeniable that, in view of the proprietary Chinese medicine has always been an bargaining and price requirements. In the long term, proprietary Chinese medicine want to become a haven for the price, seems to have a certain difficulty.
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