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What Are Two piece Colostomy Bags?


Two piece colostomy bags are preferable to give all fashions of comfort to ostomy-undergone patients. They are plastic bags that collect fecal matter from the digestive tract through an opening in the abdominal wall called a stoma. Doctors attach a bag to the stoma following a colostomy operation. 2 piece drainable ostomy pouch has an adhesive flange/baseplate that fits around the stoma with separate bags that are attached to the flange. The adhesive flange is left in position and a new bag is fixed to it when required. The flange is usually changed every two or three days.

Why is Important to Use a Coloplast Stoma Bag

There are several advantages to investing in two piece colostomy bags. With a two-piece ostomy bag, the skin barrier, often referred to as a flange or wafer, can remain in place for two to four days. Less frequent skin barrier changes are gentler on the skin. Frequent replacement required by the one-piece system is often too much for sensitive skin. With a two-piece coloplast stoma bag, patients can easily change the size of the bag they are using without removing the skin barrier. They can conveniently switch to a smaller bag for intimate moments or for swimming and effortlessly slip on a regular-sized bag for everyday activities.

At night, a larger bag for an extended collection period may be necessary. Ostomy bag changes with a 2 piece drainable ostomy pouch are much quicker and easier than a one-piece system. This pouch is more adaptable to the needs of people who lead an active and engaging lifestyle. Although two-piece ostomy bags may appear more expensive, they may actually be less costly in the long run. When factoring the additional costs of tape, adhesive removers, and barrier pastes required for skincare and stoma sealing that are common with the one-piece ostomy bag, the cost difference is negligible.

Selecting the cheap ostomy supplies online is not always quick and easy. New innovations and technology combine to provide many new options that are confusing to many patients. Choosing the right two piece colostomy bags will depend heavily upon several different factors. Some of these factors include the type of ostomy, patient lifestyle, daily activities, personal preferences, skin condition, and budget. Below is some basic information that may be of immediate interest to you.


Parameters and Features of Two Piece Colostomy Bags

Parameters of two piece colostomy bags

Product Name: Two-piece open ostomy bag from Celecare

Product Brand: CELECARE

Product Model: B001

Length: 10-1/2 Inch Length

Flange Size: 1-3/4 Inch Flange

Drain Type: Drainable

Product Specification: 15×27.5, 400 pieces/box

Application Scope: Suitable for people with colostomy or ileostomy

Storage Condition: Cool, clean and dustless environments without direct sunlight.

Expiry date: three years

Features of two piece colostomy bags

These wafers and pouches can be attached together with an adhesive mount or better with a clicking ring. The greatest part is the detachment, as this helps the peristomal area to be permanently covered and safe from irritation or external moisture.

This 2 piece drainable ostomy pouch is however more weighty than the 1-piece version for obvious reasons. It is wise to apply biocides or paper tapes before placing skin barrier (wafer) and it should adapt to the stoma contour well, especially if it is a retractable or flush stoma. Ostomy pastes and powders help even out the surface and thus secure the wafer with authority. Ostomy/Colostomy bags also have comfort panels on one or both sides that can be easily washed and dried for hygienic purposes.

These two piece colostomy bags suppress stoma output odor and also offer generous comfort, made of fabrics that go well with the skin surface. In case, there is a bit of transparency, you can check out the stoma outlet even without removing the wafer. They may also have a gas filter to ooze out the resident air and gases and keep the area ready for quick ambulation.


How to Apply One Piece Ostomy Bag

Here are some basic guidelines for >>> how to apply one piece ostomy bag. This system type combines both the barrier and pouch into one convenient unit.

Clean and dry peristomal skin.

Measure your stoma.

Prepare the skin barrier.

Remove the paper from the adhesive.

Gently place the pouching system over your stoma.

Press the skin barrier against the skin, paying particular attention to the area closest to the stoma.

Smooth onto your skin. Maintain slight pressure on the skin barrier for 30-60 seconds to ensure a good seal.

Remove the release paper from the skin barrier.

Place the two piece colostomy bags gently in position over the stoma. Press the skin barrier against the skin, paying particular attention to the area closest to the stoma.

During application, maintain slight pressure on the skin barrier for 30 seconds to a minute.

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