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The Advantages of One Piece Ostomy Pouch


The one piece ostomy pouch is a type of ostomy bag where the pouch and the flange, or adhesive baseplate, cannot be separated. The pouch attaches to the skin around the stoma using the flange. It is one of two options of stoma care products available after a colon or bladder diversion surgery; the other alternative is a two-piece ostomy pouch. The one-piece pouch consists of a skin barrier/wafer and pouch joined together as a single unit. It provides greater simplicity than two-piece systems but requires changing the entire unit, including skin barrier, when the pouch is changed.


More about Stoma Care Products

Stoma care products/ostomy appliances (also known as stoma bags or ostomy bags) are available in many sizes and styles depending on the desired use and patient preference. These appliances have an opening near the top where the ostomy effluent drains into the bag and may have a reclosable opening at the bottom of the bag to allow for emptying. The bags may be one piece ostomy pouch in which the adhesive seal that goes around the stoma is built into the bag or two pieces in which the adhesive seal is separate and the bag attaches to it.

Stoma care products are available in a one-piece (barrier backing already attached to the pouch) or 2 piece drainable ostomy pouch (a separate pouch that fastens to the barrier backing); they are usually changed every 3 to 7 days, although they could be changed more often.


Types of One Piece Ostomy Pouch

Closed-end pouch

It is designed for one-time usage, which makes it ideal for special occasions and intimate moments. Some people also prefer them for everyday use. There is no draining or clip to worry about. When the pouch is used, users simply remove it, place it into a disposable bag, and discard it.

Some closed-end pouches come with a filter that is designed to reduce odor and gas buildup. This kind of one piece ostomy pouch is recommended for a colostomy (everyday use for some; special occasions for anyone) and ileostomy (special occasions). They are not recommended for a urostomy.

Drainable pouch

Some people may prefer a rinse-and-reuse drainable pouch. This pouch is drained simply by releasing the clip at the bottom of the pouch, allowing for quick and easy maintenance. There is 2 piece drainable ostomy pouch available for ileostomy and colostomy.

Urostomy Pouch

As with other systems, a urostomy pouch is available in one- and two-piece configurations. But, unlike colostomy/ileostomy systems, urostomy pouch has a drainable tap instead of a clip.

CELECARE offers a wide variety of one-piece pouches. Simply choose from our featured items to see more options for the one piece ostomy pouch and related stoma care products.


Parameters of One Piece Ostomy Pouch

Product Name: One-piece open ostomy bag from CELECARE

Product Brand: CELECARE

Product Model: A001

Product Specification: 155×270mm, 400 pieces/box

Applications: Suitable for people with colostomy or ileostomy

Storage Conditions: Cool, clean and dustless environments without direct sunlight.

Expiry date: Three years


What Are Advantages of One Piece Ostomy Pouch

The advantages of one-piece system include its application in fewer steps and flat positioning against the skin. Patients with arthritis, who may have minimal hand strength and dexterity and limited eyesight, may find the one piece ostomy pouch easier to apply. A one-piece system adheres easier where the skin is uneven around the stoma and the pouch is less visible under clothing.

The patient who must empty his pouch often (because of diarrhea or a new colostomy or ileostomy) may prefer a one-piece drainable disposable pouch than a 2 piece drainable ostomy pouch (with a closure clamp attached to a skin barrier). This opaque, odor-proof, plastic pouch comes with attached adhesive or seals. The bottom opening allows for easy draining. It may be used permanently or temporarily until stoma size stabilizes.

Also disposable, a one piece ostomy pouch may come in a kit with an adhesive seal, belt tabs, skin barrier or carbon filter for gas release. A patient with a regular bowel elimination pattern may choose this style for additional security and confidence.

Key Benefits:

1. It is less evident in clothes. This is important for patients who prefer tight-fitting clothes. One-piece ostomy bag adheres to scarred or flabby skin.

2. It offers greater confidence, as the pouch-flange has fewer chances of detachment.

3. It is more economical since the parts come together, which can benefit permanent ostomates.

4. One-piece systems have fewer parts so patients with dexterity problems as it facilitates emptying and change.

5. It facilitates user training on how to place, remove and care for the pouch.

6. It is an alternative for patients looking for simplicity.

7. One piece ostomy pouch favors swelling abdomens because its flexibility enables adhesion and leakage prevention.

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