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Different Types of Ostomy Bags


There are different types of ostomy bags to choose from as one colostomy bag doesn't fit all. First of all, a colostomy bag system consists of a flange, wafer that attaches to the skin around the stoma, and a pouch that is used to collect the stool and urine.


Generally, the pouch comes into two basic types, one-piece and two-piece stoma bags. One-piece stoma bags are fixed around the stoma with the help of adhesive flange. If people would like to change for a new one, they can remove the whole stoma bag and apply a new one in its place. One-piece bags are more preferred by people who participate in sports or wear tight-fitting clothes as they are more discreet. Although one-piece ostomy bag may lead to skin irritation in some people due to the frequent appliance changes, among nearly all types of ostomy bags, it is relatively cheaper.


Two-piece bags have an adhesive flange or baseplate that is attached around the stoma, and the pouch of the two-piece one is attached to the flange separately. People do not need to remove the adhesive flange when they change a new pouch. The flange is usually changed every two or three days.


Other types of ostomy bags include closed bags for firm stools, drainable bags for liquid stools, and mini bags for using a short amount of time. Some people may prefer a larger bag during night time as it has a bigger capacity and helps to avoid leakage. The type that a person selects is largely up to them and they need to choose the style and size that best fits their needs based on their type of colostomies, lifestyles, daily activities, personal preferences, and skin conditions.


Applications and Advantages of of Different Types of Ostomy Bags

A colostomy bag is a plastic bag that is mainly used for people whose parts of the colon have been taken out because of some conditions or diseases. The colostomy bags are specially designed to collect fecal matter from the digestive tract through an opening in the abdominal wall called a stoma. The ostomy bags are essential for those who suffer from conditions like bowel injuries or obstructions, ulcerative colitis, and abdominal/pelvic cancers. Yet, the ostomy bags can be easily hidden under clothing so users do not have to worry about embarrassment.


Different types of ostomy bags provide different advantages, below are some examples

1. One-piece: cheaper, less bulky, and suitable for exercise use.

2. Two-piece: more skin-friendly, convenient, and better accommodations for special needs.

3. Closed: flushable options for easy disposal, supporting diverse activities.

4. Drain-able: easy removal of heavy liquids, less changing required, and fewer bag expenditures.

5. Filtered: odor resistant, supporting bathing and water sports.


Precautions of Different Types of Ostomy Bags

Things need to consider when picking or using a pouching system:

Besides choosing the type that most suitable for your stoma, opt for those that are odor resistant so as to avoid embarrassment and those are gentle to the skin around the stoma.


To keep the skin around the stoma dry and ensure the ostomy bag to remain sticky, be sure to wipe the skin before wearing the bag. If possible, follow a doctor's advice. Do not arbitrarily discard it after use.


Product Parameters


400 pieces /box


15×27.5, customized


plastic, medical hydrocolloid, non-woven fabric


soft and breathable, low risk of allergy, leak-proof, odor resistant,   easy to use.


suitable for people with colostomy or ileostomy


store in a cool, clean and dustless environment, away from direct   sunlight




heat-press agglutination, one-step molding,   secure


three years


Buy From the Best

Celecare Medical Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer offering diverse types of ostomy bags. Located in Wenzhou, China, Celecare has been manufacturing medical supplies for 20 years, with products widely exported to the United States and countries in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa.


Colostomy bags in Celecare are made of antimicrobial and odor-resistant materials that can keep users' bodies dry and hygienic. All colostomy bags in the company have been tested clinically and meet the standards for medical supplies such as CE and FDA. Users can be assured that the bags are manufactured with high quality.


Celecare provides different types of ostomy bags for customers, including bags of diverse sizes, opaque and transparent ostomy bags, as well as the special custom ones. The opaque one is often made of a thin, cloth material that hides the contents of the pouch, while the transparent one allows users to check their contents inside and the stoma. Celecare can also customize an opaque one with a “window” that allows users to examine their stomas and pouch contents freely. Celecare has gone out of its way to provide colostomy bags that have unique features.

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