Colostomy Bag
It serves the purpose of collecting stool from colostomy patients. It has two types of structure, one-piece colostomy bag, and two-pieces colostomy bag.
One-piece colostomy bag means the bag and plate are all-in-ones. While taking off the plate, it can be pasted on the abdomen. It is so, comfortable, covert and safe, and easy to use. Two-pieces colostomy bag is made up of colostomy bags and basic plates. We can place the plate on the abdomen and washing the bag separately, and meanwhile, we can pull the zipper to leave a small orifice to release the pneumatosis. What's more, we have a specific cover for a bath.


Urine Bag
It serves the purpose of collecting stool from colostomy patients. It has two types of structure, a one-piece colostomy bag, and the plate of a urethrostomy colostomy bag. It is composed of the best medical pressure-sensitive adhesive, polyisobutene, CMC, etc. which is very skincare. It can absorb the exudatum and form to the gel which can protect the skin. This gel features great stickiness, allowing it to be used for 5-7 days. However, 3-5 days of use is the best. It is equipped with a reflux device which makes the urination convenient and speedy.

Catheter Protection Cover
It is designed to protect the cannula of Hemodialysis and a peritoneal dialysis catheter. The patient can take a shower when wearing it, which greatly improves life quality.


Wound Dressing

It is the combined product of hydrocolloid and foam core. It can absorb the exudatum and autolytic debridement at the same time and the foam can lessen the pressure of the wound. It can prevent and heal the pressure sore, bedsore and chronic wound, fewer pains, and working load as well.

Hydrocolloid wound dressings: The combination of PU adhesive film foam core and hydrocolloid transparent dressing. The process of autolytic debridement can help clean up the necrotic tissue and reduce the pain during use. Also, it can help create a supportive environment for the body's natural healing process and it makes the wound heal faster than that of the traditional dressing.

Basic materials: Spunlace non-woven, water-proof non-woven, and PU composite film. The medical press-sensitive tape requires no paper and other materials. It is composed of non-woven fabrics, shading materials, viscose, and magic sticks.


Phototherapy Neonate Eye Mask

Phototherapy Neonate Eye Mask
It can effectively block the blue light with a wavelength of 425nm to 475nm and serve as an eye-protection barrier for primary infants and young children.
The product is designed to block the blue light. At the age of 0-2 years old, infants are likely to be hurt by the blue light because about 70-80% of the blue light can easily penetrate the lens to the retina.
For kids at the age of 2-10 years old, about 60-70 % of the blue light will illuminate their retina.


Phototherapy Perineal Care Diaper
It is composed of non-woven fabrics, shading materials, viscose, and magic sticks. It can prevent the harm from the blue ray and serve as the first safety barrier for neonatal. It can be used for neonatal who need phototherapy.


Acne Patch


1. Made of advanced hydrocolloid materials, it can fastly absorb exudates from acne.
2. It can effectively reduce the redness of acne, function well in a moist environment, and accelerate the acne healing without scars left.


Hydrocolloid dressing is a kind of elastic dressing made of medical hot-melt adhesives with CMC (carboxymethylcellulose) hydrophilic granules.


15 pcs per sheet or 18pcs per sheet, etc. with a diameter of 8-10mm per piece are available based on different needs.

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