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How to Choose One Piece Colostomy Bag


One piece colostomy bag, typically removable and disposable, is used to collect and dispose of waste from the body. It is attached to a stoma, which leads from the inner abdomen to the outside of the body to deposit the large intestinal waste into. Disposable ostomy bags are only a temporary measure in many cases.

Colostomy bag is available in different types and styles. Choosing ostomy bag samples will depend on several factors such as the frequency of output, stoma type, skin type, budget, lifestyle, etc. The correct choice will ensure complete and good care of the ostomy. However, making a choice from the multiple options available is not easy. It is important to understand the different features and options on offer.

Types of Colostomy Bags

CELECARE offers a variety of bags with their own special features and patients can be sure to find the right one to fit their needs. Read about the different types of one piece colostomy bag and how to choose the best colostomy bag ever.

1. Opaque beige ostomy bags: they are used after an ostomy patient leaves the hospital and prefers a more discreet collection bag.

2. Pre-cut ostomy bags: they have a hole positioned in the center of the skin barrier, matching the size of the stoma.

3. Cut-to-fit colostomy bag: they allow the pouch to fit most shapes and sizes of stomas for greater flexibility and adaptation to the individual patient.

4. One piece ostomy bags: they are available in drainable or closed version. Drainable ostomy bags allow patients to drain the contents of the ostomy pouch and continue to use the pouch for collection and storage. Closed ostomy bags, on the other hand, are disposable ostomy bags designed for one-time use. Offering greater ease of use, closed system ostomy bags provide less risk of leaking and less risk of odor.

5. Filtered ostomy bag allows patients to bathe, swim or exercise with a reduced risk of leaking. Ostomy bags with filters allow for continuous venting without liquids penetrating inside or outside the pouch.

6. Multi-chambered ostomy bags offer patients a noise-reducing option.

Parameters and Features of One Piece Colostomy Bag

Parameters of one piece colostomy bag

Product Model: C001 (Hydrocolloid)

Manufacturer: CELECARE

Color: Opaque

System Type: One-Piece System

Barrier Style: Flat, Trim to Fit and Pre Fit

Product Specification: 14.5×19,600 pieces/box

Applications: Suitable for people with colostomy or ileostomy

Storage Conditions: Cool, clean and dustless environments without direct sunlight.

Expiry date: Three years

Features of one piece colostomy bag

It is designed to be discreet, reliable and comfortable. The soft, cloth-like comfort panel material is skin-friendly, flexible and quiet so the best colostomy bag ever moves with the body and rests softly against the skin. The best colostomy bag ever is made with an environmentally safe film that is quiet, light and sturdy.

Disposable ostomy bags include an integrated filter to vent out gasses that tend to build up when content is introduced. Made with a soft, cloth-like backing, the pouch will not cause irritation or rashes when up against the skin for an extended period of time.

It has one end secured with a clamp that can be opened to drain out the content once the bag is full.

Types of colostomy bags have a pediatric one-piece ostomy system and a good example of a standard wear skin barrier which is cut-to-fit, flat and with a transparent drainable pouch.

One piece colostomy bag with an extra extended wear skin barrier provides additional protection to the user from irritation caused by leakage of urine or feces.


Precautions of Ostomy Bags for Sensitive Skin

However, when the pouch of a one-piece ostomy system is full and needs to be changed, then the entire unit has to be removed instead of just the pouch. Repeated removal and application may lead to skin irritation and maceration. So here are some considerations when using disposable ostomy bags.

1. New colostomy bag users should consult with an ostomy nurse the right fit for their situation, in terms of stoma size, stoma shape (retracting, telescoping, flushing), and peristomal skin anatomy.

2. For one piece colostomy bag, users must change the whole unit. Instead, with two-piece systems, users only have to change the water, so the whole system requires fewer changes. If there is a leak from under the wafer, change the bag/wafer.

3. Replace the bag or wafer if there is pain or itch.

4. In case of fever, the colostomy wafer will deform, requiring additional changes.


Finding the right ostomy bags for sensitive skin can help improves the quality of life as a colostomy patient. Patients will find alternatives from different ostomy suppliers and brands. Consult with an ostomy nurse before purchasing, and select the one that suits needs.

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