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FAQs about Phototherapy Eye Mask


The phototherapy eye mask is the first care barrier for newborns. Why are the baby's eyes covered? In adults, prolonged exposure to blue light can cause retinal damage. Although retinal damage from phototherapy has not been reported, eye covers for newborns are standard prophylaxis.


Why the Baby Eye Mask for Phototherapy Is Used?

Harms of blue light to newborns:

Blue light does not mean that light is blue, instead, a high-energy visible light with a wavelength of 400-500nm. It can penetrate the lens to reach the retina, causing optical damage, and accelerate the oxidation of cells in the macular region. And it may have side effects on neonatal perineum and ovary, which may lead to further maldevelopment and infertility, etc. As a result, blue light has been proven to be the most harmful visible light.

Infants and young children are most likely to be hurt by blue light. Because babies' lens is relatively clear, difficult to filter the blue light. For ages 0-2, about 70-80% of the blue light can penetrate the lens to reach the retina, and for ages 2-10, around 60-70% of the blue light could irradiate the retina.

Therefore, when newborns with jaundice are treated with phototherapy, phototherapy eye protector products are indispensable, in order to avoid phototherapy eye damage.

Blue-ray illumination is an important measure to treat neonatal jaundice and prevent nuclear jaundice, but it will stimulate and hurt the baby’s eyes also, which leads to permanent insomnia. The phototherapy eye protector can effectively block blue-ray and various other strongly visible light when using it can avoid blue-ray or other kinds of strongly visible light of the stimulating and hurting baby’s eyes. The phototherapy eye mask is generally made of high quality elastic, spunlaced compound non-woven fabric, physical compound fabric, and other flexible materials. It is able to adapt to the baby’s changing head shape and significantly protect newborns' eyes.


Parameters and Features of Phototherapy Eye Mask

Parameters of phototherapy eye protector

Product name: Neonatal Phototherapy Eye Mask

Brand Name: CELECARE

Product Model: M005

Sizes: S, M, L

Certification: CE, FDA

Product Specification: 1000 pieces/box

Expiry Date: Three years

Applications: Newborns with pathological jaundice, or premature birth, or hemolytic disorder.

Features of phototherapy eye protector 

This eye mask is made of water-absorbent non-woven fibers of high-quality and composite fabrics. This kind of material is soft without any irritation or allergy, making the baby feel very comfortable. The band is elastic with the special oval design at the back, it stops the mask from moving up and down so that it can effectively protect the baby. It is also very convenient to put on as well. This eye protector is made of two parts, the elastic band and shading pad; the band is made of the nonwoven fabric while the pad is made of the physical composite fabric.

The phototherapy eye mask has been designed to assure optimum comfort and eye protection for neonates during phototherapy treatment. The single-piece, wrap-around design of the infant phototherapy eye mask attaches at two points on either side of the baby’s head and can be independently adjusted to prevent unwanted movement and allow a comfortable and secure fit.

This baby eye mask for phototherapy has been ergonomically designed to reduce pressure and increase light protection. The headband, however, allows blue light to penetrate, so that the head continues to receive phototherapy treatment.

The phototherapy eye protector has been ergonomically designed to prevent any “light leaks”. It is able to block all harmful light to the eyes while allowing good light to penetrate the head.

CELECARE phototherapy eye mask can effectively protect the newborns’ eyes from stimulation and injury by blocking the harmful blue-ray and other strong visible lights.


1. Place the eye protector over the eyes.

2. The upper strap goes over the forehead.

3. Pass the strap around and below the bulge on the back of the head to oppose the forehead strap.

4. Secure with the hook section (Note: it does not need to be tight).

5. Change a new one if it becomes over-stretched.

6. The mid-line tabs are used to adjust the when secured.

Precautions of Using a Phototherapy Eye Protector

1. Make sure that the phototherapy eye mask is sized correctly to prevent airway obstruction or eye damage from slippage or excessive pressure.

2. Adjust the mask body to make sure the correct position and comfortable wearing.

3. Observe the conditions during therapy; Change the masks once it has lost its stick or contaminated.

4. It is recommended to consult an eye doctor prior to use this product on patients who have an eye infection.

5. This product is for single use only.

6. There might be some slight impression, local inflamed, which are normal conditions and will be disappeared once stopping using this phototherapy eye mask soon.

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