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Newborn Phototherapy Eye Pad


A phototherapy eye pad/mask is mainly used for babies during phototherapy. Phototherapy, also known the blue light therapy, is very safe, painless, reasonably comfortable. Generally, the time of phototherapy treatment depends on the babies' condition, usually two to three days. Yet, during these days, one of the complications of phototherapy is degeneration of the retina by exposure to strong light, making it essential to provide proper eye protection for newborns, especially for babies at the age of 0-2, as about 70-80% of the blue light can easily penetrate the lens to their retinas. The phototherapy eye pad can not only protect the newborn's eyes from the irritation and injury caused by the blue light or other visible light, but also offer newborns a sense of security.


The newborn's eye masks are often made of any opaque and sterilized materials, including elastic non-woven fabrics, cotton fabric, flexible plastic film, pressed pulp fiber, or a combination of these materials. Regarding their styles, some are designed with muti-layer shields, and others may be shaped anatomically to fit over and cover the infant's eyes, with a cutout in the center for the nose (similar to a pair of eyeglasses). Due to the soft fabric materials, the edges of the the phototherapy eye pad are smooth enough for babies’ delicate skin, causing no skin irritation and hypersensitivity.

Applications and Advantages of Phototherapy Eye Pad


The eye pad is mainly used for newborns who stay in incubators or those who receive phototherapy treatment in hospitals. Baby eye pads are used in hospitals and nursing houses all over the world. The eye pad offers the following advantages that have been recognized by scientific study.

1. Reducing baby skin allergies or irritation caused by adhesive tape glue.

2. Offering effective protection as it fastens firmly and easily comes undone.

3. Enhancing the mother-baby bond as the mother can easily remove the protector to breastfeed the infant.

4. Offering babies a sense of security.

5. Highly sterilized and hygienic, guaranteeing babies' health.

6. The fabric cover has a soft foam padding ensuring a comfortable but snug fit

7. Latex- and DEHP-free


Matters Need Attention of Phototherapy Eye Pad


1. Put the shielding pad over against the newborn's eyes, press the Hook on the fixing strap as far as possible by tight.

2. Adjust the blindfold site and tightness to make sure the comfortable wear.

3. Adjust the position of the phototherapy eye pad to make sure that the position with the protection function is proper.

4. Observe the usage progress and babies' condition during use.

5. Do not use it on newborns who have eyelid defects.

6. Store it in a dry, cool, clean and well-ventilated environment without corrosive substance. (at a relative temperature of -10℃~45℃ and humidity of not more than 80%)

7. Do not arbitrarily discard this product after use.


Parameters of Phototherapy Eye Pad


1.New   easy-to-use design

2.Adjustable   band for a perfect fit

3.Bigger   eye pad to reduce pressure and increase UV protection



1000   pieces/box


Non-woven   fabrics, cotton, muti-layer shielding pads.


White,   customized


All   come with different sizes: 30-38cm, 24-33 cm, 20-28 cm




Breathable;   soft and comfortable; absorbent; non-toxic; no skin irritation; clean and   sterilized surface


Newborns   with pathological jaundice, or premature birth, or hemolytic disorder, or   needing phototherapy treatment.

Expiry   date

Three   years

Light   transmittance

Block   the blue light wavelength of 425 nm to 475 nm. The light transmittance is not   bigger than 0.3%, and the actual test results are 0.11%.


1.   The eye pad cell toxicity level be not bigger than Class 1.

2.   The eye pad should have no delayed-type hypersensitivity.

3.   The eye pad should have no skin irritation reaction.

Celecare Is Your Most Reliable Partner


Celecare Medical Co. Ltd. is a well-known manufacturer that have been providing high quality medical supplies for more than 20 years. Located in Wenzhou, China, Celecare has earned high reputation in the United States, the Middle East, Africa, and European countries.


Celecare's newborn phototherapy eye pad is designed to adapt to the baby’s changing head shape. Eye protectors for infants in Celecare are all designed and produced according to the ergonomic concept which can effectively guard against any special UV light and prevent any leakage of light. Most of the masks Celecare designed are single-piece, wrap-around, perfect-fit, and can be independently adjusted to prevent unwanted movement.


Celecare's Neonatal eye pads are made with ultra-soft and breathable cotton material attached to elastic for adjusting the circumference and steady positioning. Its phototherapy eye pad can effectively block the blue light with a wavelength of 425nm to 475nm, offering extra eye protection for babies during phototherapy treatment. Beyond all that, eye pads in Celecare are convenient and comfortable to use for newborns. They have been proved through radiance tests, which offers quality assurance.

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