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The True Benefits of Medical Diaper


Medical diaper, also called incontinence diaper or adult diaper, is mainly used by those who can't control their bodily functions by themselves. It allows people to live a better life and care quality no matter for the users themselves or caregivers. Medical diapers boost one's self-esteem. Although it's difficult for men patients to wear diapers, using a high-quality diaper can give them the confidence to continue living an enjoyable life.


There are different types of medical diapers in the market that can provide convenience for individuals who deal with incontinence problems or other illnesses, allowing them to continue with their daily activities unhampered and without embarrassment. It gives people a sense of security.


Adult diapers are classified into the reusable and disposable ones, and both of them are effective and affordable methods to manage any level of incontinence. The disposable medical diaper is often more preferred as it is more convenient, hygienic, and leak-proof.


On top of that, light bladder leakage pads, adult briefs, adult pull-ups, incontinence guards for men, and swim diapers are also popular among other types of medical diapers.


Applications of Medical Diaper

As mentioned above, medical diapers are mainly used by those who are immobile at home or in hospitals. They may be physically handicapped or bed-ridden due to injury or illness. Adult diapers help patients avoid having to depend on families or nurses to escort them to the washroom each time. It's likely that parts of these patients have to lie in bed for days, and some medical diapers help prevent bed-sores and rashes which can be a huge problem for them.


With the medical diaper, incontinence becomes easier to handle no matter from the perspectives of caring efforts, patients' health and esteem, and costs.


Except those who are physically disabled, the incontinence diaper is also useful for patients with mental health issues or memory issues (like serious Alzheimer). They may often fail to realize their need to go to the bathroom.


Besides, people who suffer from extreme diarrhea can use diapers to protect themselves from dehydration and exhaustion by saving energy. In such cases, incontinence diapers can actually help.


Diapers aren’t just used by the elderly and patients anymore. Security guards, long-distance truckers, or pregnant women sometimes, due to working condition, also should wear medical diapers.


 As market demand changes, the medical diaper has a wide range of sizes and designs for different uses.


Matters Need Attention About Medial Diaper

1. About regular change of diapers

One of the main problems when using any diaper is to know how often to change it. There are many advanced medical diapers in the market which are designed with wetness monitors that alert caretakers when to change the diapers. Diapers with such cutting-edge technology not only help save a lot of trouble, but also protects patients' skins from being infected.


2. About convenience and hygiene

Compared to reusable medical diaper, disposable one is more easy to handle. People just need to fold it and dispose of it properly without spending time to wash and dry it. It is actually a more hygienic and convenient option for managing adult incontinence.


3. About odor prevention

The smell is often one of the big problems for incontinence. Many disposable diapers come with odor control functions, in other words, the materials used in these diapers are odor resistant. Therefore, users do not have to worry about odors emanating from the diaper.


Parameters of Medical Diaper


12   pieces/pack or 1 piece in a single package


premature   newborns, photo-therapy, disabled, bed-ridden patients, elderly, etc.


Soft,   breathable, protective, leak-proof, hygienic, double-layer absorbent,   elastic, leg-cuffs, refastenable side tapes, unisex


anti-slip   tech, odor-resistant tech, anti-bacteria tech, etc.


Customized,   come in several sizes


1. Pull   the edge of the diaper out to prevent urine leakage.

2. Wash   hands before diaper replacement for hygiene.

3. This   product is single-use goods, and not be used over time in order to prevent   the diaper rash and skin irritation.

Best Manufacturer of Medical Diapers

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Besides medical diapers, we also manufacture other medical supplies, including hydrocolloid dressings, hydrocolloid wound plasters, foam dressings, colostomy bags, waterproof wound dressings, infusion sterile adhesive tapes, etc.


Nearly all of our products enjoy high recognition among customers worldwide, and most of the products in Celecare have been certified under the CE and FDA, and there are already 5 types of product that have been patented.


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