Wound dressing


Celecare's main products are hydrocolloid wound dressings and first aid wound dressings, etc. It is the combined product of hydrocolloid and foam core. The product can absorb the exudatum and autolytic debridement at the same time. The foam can lessen the pressure of the wound. It can prevent and heal the pressure sore, bedsore and chronic wound, fewer pains and relieve the working load.

Hydrocolloid wound dressings: The product composes of PU adhesive film and foam core. The process of autolytic debridement can help clean up the necroctic tissue and reduce the pain during use. It can also create a supportive environment for the body's natural healing process and contributes to a faster healing process than traditional dressing.

Basic materials: Spunlace non-woven and water-proof fabrics and PU composite film. The medical press-sensitive tape doesn't require paper and other materials. It is composed of non-woven fabrics, shading materials, viscose, and magic sticks.

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