Zhejiang medical institutions from block chain promote the reform of electronic instrument

by:Celecare     2020-06-17
On November 20, as of the end of October, 480, zhejiang medical institutions implement the reform of medical electronic instrument, accumulative total breakthrough 100 million copies of make out an invoice, amount to 41. 7 billion dollars. This is a reporter from the 18th of zhejiang province from block chain technology promote the reform of medical electronic instrument to learn at a news conference. Starting in 2017, zhejiang taizhou is chosen as the advancing the reform of medical charge for electronic paper pilot areas. At present, zhejiang has issued medical charge for electronic paper, a medical electronic instrument management approach, building blocks, chain electronic instrument platform, realizing health sporadic reimbursement and so on, to realize medical reimbursement more convenient, faster and easier, low cost more effective regulation. In June this year, the zhejiang reform bill into the block chain application stage. Reform by using distributed block chain accounting and the efficient synergy, realize electronic paper generation, transmission, storage and reimbursement stamped on the chain all the way, can fully reflect the medical fees, regulation, information such as the coverage of the notes, do operation scar, process traceability, results can be poured. If people scattered reimbursement long-distance medical need to handle business, don't need to apply by the paper bills to the window, can be directly through the zhejiang government service platform for online reimbursement application, average reimbursement time from 12 working days to a few minutes. Each year, according to the relevant department is expected to move can save paper and printing 30 million yuan of above, also can save a lot of transport, storage, destroy, administrative costs, etc. At the same time, because of medical charge system and electronic instrument can automatically real-time check, statistics, effectively reduce the bill management workload, but also to solve the problem of paper bills reconciliation is difficult and error-prone, improving the capacity of the management of the medical institution.
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