Zhejiang: in 2019, realizing a complete coverage of 'one yard to see the doctor and hospital

by:Celecare     2020-06-17
On August 9, health committee, zhejiang province, the province health bureau and human social security hall, etc. 8 more departments jointly issued news, in zhejiang province in 2019 will further promote the doctor don't card, only a code number of health service reform. Residents integrated electronic health card and social security card ( Health insurance card) After the formation of health insurance card, will be the end of 2019 realizing a complete coverage of all provinces, cities and county hospitals. It is understood that the so-called yard to see the doctor, it is the people through the zhejiang government service platform in zhejiang App application electronic health insurance card, have belong to own a healthy qr code. With this code in medical institutions in the province report make an appointment and see a doctor, ( Health) Cost settlement, take medicine, check the whole process of online services such as inspection result query. Jiang Chujiang, director of the administrative authorities in zhejiang province information center, said that reform will gradually solving medical institutions more card co-exist, each other is not universal. Patients with a history in all medical institutions sharing online ( The doctor is made by authorization of the patients with rear can consult) , no need to carry inspection report to the patient, case etc. At the same time, the reform will also greatly enhance the supervisory ability of the medical health care coordination. Zhejiang province health bureau deputy director Wang Pingyang say, can through the electronic health insurance card this unified entrance, realize the cross-regional, across organizations medical health care business collaboration, will be one of the most important standard of judgement reform work performance.
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