Zhejiang full swing county medical payment for basic health care reform

by:Celecare     2020-06-17
On July 17, 18, reporters learned from medical insurance bureau of zhejiang province, in the early stage of the pilot, on the basis of comprehensive start county, zhejiang province medical payment for basic health care reform, accused of funds and the quality of the double goal. The reform in zhejiang province within the scope of fully implementing the total budget management; To the hospital medical service, mainly according to the disease diagnosis related group points paid; For long-term, chronic diseases in the hospital medical service, and gradually implement pay by bed day; The author explores the outpatient medical services, combined with the family doctor signing service, implement capitation payment. Medical insurance bureau of zhejiang province, Yang Ye, said the medicare payment reform is through the system design to adjust the doctor's medical service behavior, inspire d a total body and the doctor endogenous power of controlling medical costs, a direct impact on ginseng protect personnel to go to a doctor the doctor won't. Instead, bonuses will be fully release mechanism reform, strengthen the department coordination, strengthen policy coordination, establish supporting mechanism, promote the real old-age grading system, for example, let people at home will have a good medical resources, implement nearby to see a doctor, the first option at the grass-roots level, two-way referral of patients given to health care policy. It is understood that the core of the reform is decentralization, the health department's focus to the budget, pipe evaluation and supervision, reduce the intervention in the internal affairs of medical total body, support them through internal resource allocation adjustment promote overall efficiency gains, arouse the enthusiasm of the Chinese medicine has independent management. Yang Ye mentioned, the implementation of the medical payment reform, and by making the interests of the hospital and medical staff guidance, the medical insurance fund saving and increasing the income of medical treatment to unify, prompt medical body, from the perspective of the strengthening health management, truly implement the good family doctor to sign the service, hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, such as policy, saving medical insurance fund in the source, promote health pass forward, from buy disease into health. According to introducing, this reform will achieve the goal is to make zhejiang medical insurance fund expenditure growth is in principle no more than 10%, to 2022, the medical treatment satisfaction, grassroots JiuZhenLv reached more than 65%, the county JiuZhenLv achieve 90% above, build medical insurance fund budget more reasonable, more scientific classification method, energy security is more powerful, more efficient resource allocation to pay for health care system.
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