Vulcan hill hospital patients first thor hill hospital will consign is used

by:Celecare     2020-06-14
On February 4th at 9 PM, the first group of patients in succession from wuchang, hankou, hospital and so on several new type of pneumonia hospital designated hospitals into wuhan vulcan mountain, marked the beginning the specialized subject hospital new coronavirus pneumonia in our hospital diagnosed patients. Patients by ambulance sickroom, direct service 1 again by medical staff in a wheelchair and medical flat wagon to the ward. Most of the patients with stable, can get off, some with communication with medical staff is short. Medical staff after receiving patients, on their way a refueling! After being off all of the patients, they also disinfected clean for the ambulance. The vulcan hill hospital as a specialized subject hospital, will focus on new coronavirus infection in our hospital diagnosed pneumonia patients, medical area have 1000 beds, were set up in 19 ward units, with 1400 staff, including hospital logistic support troops belong to smoke group army military medical university in 950 and with the first arrived in wuhan, Marine military medical university, the air force military medical university 3 team of 450 people. Mainly from breathing, infection, digestion, epidemic prevention, radiation, nutrition, such as intensive care department selected technical backbone. Army medical team players are assembled to the hubei wuhan, immediately put down the backpack to vulcan hill hospital, solid to do a good job of various preparation treated patients. Each department backbone entering medical area are familiar with the working environment, design workflow, and engineering and technical personnel debugging test equipment, unicom information system. Hospital for further improving the quality of medical treatment, medical staff for the work of the first reach the ward, the strict training and examination of detailed infection control protection. Vulcan hill hospital commissar said former huanan, we firmly implement the party central committee and chairman of the central military commission and the acquisition of decision deployment, not great trust, dashing, go all out, race against time, resolutely curb the spread of the momentum, determined to win the prevention and control the outbreak of war.
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