Vulcan hill hospital has been incorporated into the medical insurance fixed-point

by:Celecare     2020-06-15
To implement the overall deployment of the epidemic prevention and control work, the national health insurance bureau for hubei province and wuhan city active docking, speed up the process, to ensure that the vulcan hill hospital built into the medical insurance fixed-point of synchronization. At present, wuhan health department has completed its settlement standards, paid directories to, hardware, network environment layout, settlement system test, such as work, enable the hospital for immediate settlement. Past into medical insurance fixed point hospital needs to walk the application, acceptance, inspection, negotiation, signing the agreement of the public, such as process, according to the principle of center office, urgent urgent, the health department will be the first time vulcan hill hospital into the fixed point. According to the planning, vulcan hill hospital for tertiary hospitals, public hospital fees. Medical insurance settlement standard reference level 3 hospital of insurance of primary medical treatment standards in wuhan city. New crown pneumonia during the epidemic prevention and control, the implementation of national health insurance bureau issued the epidemic prevention and control health care policy, exempt from personal burden. At present, the hospital has not yet set up medical insurance account. Once opened, health department will also advance some of the money in advance. In addition, the thor hill hospital medical insurance fixed-point related work in steady progress, also enabled opened health care instant settlement synchronously.
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