Village clinic visit, make these seven things, avoid punishment!

by:Celecare     2020-07-05
On April 24, village clinic visit, make these seven things, avoid punishment! New crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control at present, our country actively good direction development, from all walks of life are ordered to return to work rehabilitation. Because of the outbreak briefly closed village clinics, also to resume operation in order. To resume operation village clinics, how to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control as well as the routine practice is a subject worth exploring. The author thinks that, when done in accordance with the requirements for the following seven aspects. Perfect system for village clinics, both in the number of medical workers and the actual amount accepts is less, but in front of the epidemic, village clinics have to have the sparrow is small, all-sided thoughts, should in accordance with the relevant requirements, establish and improve various system. For example, preview triage system, fever patients disposal or referral system, temperature detection system, outpatient service log hierarchy, disinfection system, the epidemic area back to the village staff registration management system, the medical waste storage or disposal system, registration or reporting system of infectious diseases, etc. On the other hand, a little bit about the epidemic prevention and control, may result in village clinics all work close, even lost his job. Classification and treatment outbreak did not completely full victory, prevention and control will not be able to relax. Especially rural doctors in village clinics, as people around personal doctor, many villagers formed the habit of minor ailments to village clinic visits. Outbreak of the moment, some villagers in the aspect of prevention and control consciousness does not reach the designated position, still hard to avoid can appear at the deliberately withheld information on the epidemic situation, such as hiding contact history of epidemic area returned personnel, etc. Or some of the villagers to sore throat, slight fever, cough, fatigue, and so on and so forth are still seen as small cold, require rural doctors give some medicine to eat. If rural doctors follow patients will, hard to avoid can inadvertently messed up epidemic prevention and control. The author thinks that, during the period of epidemic prevention and control, the village clinic resume operation when taking classification diagnosis and treatment. Against the new crown pneumonia patients with similar clinical symptoms, to take strong prevention and control measures. If cannot achieve this mode, the village clinic visits should be moved forward, such as a telephone first interrogation, site visits, again over the phone to ask everyone who has similar symptoms, clinical manifestations and the new champions league pneumonia recommend patients directly to the local towns and townships or medical institutions at the county level diagnosis and treatment, reduce not only the patients blindly follow, and reduce the burden of village clinic diagnosis and treatment, the more the epidemic prevention and control to minimize the risk. Clean up the store the job for the original village clinics, is very important. Due to some village clinic for a long time is not normal business, appears unavoidably have expired medicines, outdated medical apparatus and instruments, expired disinfectant, Chinese medicine yinpian quality problems, and so on and so forth. If no clear in time before resume operation village clinics, the above products, once found, the penalties are very big. Add to the misery of income itself is a small village doctor; Untoward medical accidents, but also have the risk of ruin. Attaches great importance to the disinfection affected by strongly professional, all medical institutions resume operation has to be standard for environmental disinfection, diagnosis and treatment with goods, medical equipment, such as sterilization, disinfection disinfection products purchase and use. Relevant institutions disinfection this piece of work, must do this: 1. Specification buys and use qualified disinfection products; 2. Absolutely according to the effective disinfection disinfection products matching proportion; 3. Put an end to use expired disinfection products; 4. In a timely manner effective disinfection; 5. Standardize storage disinfection products; 6. Reasonable disposal of expired or disinfection products for village clinics, not only to see the disinfection products after resume operation, but also regulate strict disinfection work. Never paralysis, the proportion of products purchased, against the, disinfection range must be standardized, and detailed accurate record on time. Specification to dispose of the new champions league pneumonia is a highly contagious respiratory infectious diseases, original village clinics in epidemic prevention and control, should pay special attention to patients' relevant disposal work contact items. The author thinks that, the village clinic it is necessary to put each one fever patients, each in recent four months has a history of travel, every one has a history of close contact with the epidemic area personnel such as focus groups as a new crown pneumonia in patients with illusion and its diagnosis and treatment items, use items, waste, etc. , as items in the serious pollution, for related disinfection, storage and disposal, etc. In short, will comprehensively to do a good job of all medical waste disposal. Masks, for example, affected by the epidemic, mask has become widely known, everyone in the daily life of products. For village clinics, however, the mask is not a simple is life supplies, but the medical apparatus and instruments or medical waste. Unused medical masks and medical surgical masks are belong to the medical apparatus and instruments, whether in purchasing, storage, or use, marketing, medical devices have to comply with the relevant provisions on the administration of standard procurement and use. In addition, waste masks used in the medical institutions, whether patients were contaminated with the pathogen, or has not been contaminated with the pathogen of patients, all belong to medical waste, when according to the medical waste disposal regulations, otherwise once punished, penalties is larger, if improper disposal, cause infectious epidemic disease, and criminal responsibility.
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