Township hospitals and village clinics shock consolidation scrutiny this 6 PM

by:Celecare     2020-07-15
On September 5, township hospitals and village clinics to note that the recent ongoing assault joint regulation and big action! Recently, according to the village doctor to provide news, hubei WeiJianWei joint counties in hubei province city WeiJian bureau will promote an assault on the province's rural clinic the readjustment of the joint action, for three months. Will clean up a batch of this action, the rectification of a batch of, make the provincial clinic to five criteria. Investment in the operation, management is wide and clean up project, crackdown is strong, long regulation time, from July 1 solstice on October 1, three months, referred to as 'one hundred - day action. Coverage includes township hospitals and village health room. From the size and influence, the author expects this action is not only in hubei province, may be held everywhere in a rural clinic comprehensive action. In this, the author remind everyone at ordinary times must pay attention to the following six details. A clinic health will check project keep indoor environment clean and tidy, absolutely cannot be considered. Syringes, bottle must not throw away, carelessly household sundries are not allowed to be brought into the clinic. There will check items including: dispensing table, diagnostic 槕, infusion frame, bed, chair bed, trash can not have dust, cannot have a spider on the wall. Medicine on the shelf to keep clean and tidy, pill boxes can't touch. Drug logo should clear, must bear in mind that cannot have expired drugs. Be careful cleaning, early make the arrangements for nearly effective drugs. Must complete more than five kinds of emergency medicine, set up shop management. Emergency medicine including adrenaline, chlorpheniramine maleate, atropine, phosphate-solubilizing, nikethamide, los benin, etc. Second, disposable equipment management of disposable devices must not be repeated use, need to get destroyed form records, such as date used syringes, iv a few root armies, and signature into the book. Usually used syringes must remove the needle into the tool boxes, stored apart with the piston, cut the needle into the tool box, after using the iv to cut and disinfectant soaking. Pharmaceutical packaging box according to garbage classification respectively in medical waste bags/barrels, fight rein court sense. All medical waste time turned over to the institutes, and completes the handover document record for file. Note: dispose, including incineration, soil buried, are not allowed. Prohibit the illegal disposable medical devices, for those who sell the will shall be investigated according to law, on the basis of the plot can be fined. Three, slow disease follow-up record of blood pressure, blood sugar data to fill in each quarter must be real, such as fill in the last quarter height 1 meter 6, waistline eighty-five cm, this season has been filled out meter of eight height, waistline eighty cm, the layman can see problems, we can't make. Chronic disease medication to conform to the standard, quantity and number fill out including dietary taboos, salt, amount of exercise, reasonable promotion plans. Accurate FuPinHu annual check-up, if patients with slow disease at the same time, we all fill out a form data including height, weight, blood pressure, blood glucose, and waist circumference must be consistent with follow-up data and slow, otherwise it as not real frauds. The family doctor's annual contract renewal of the manual to fill in a cannot be empty, must be true, according to the normal procedure by rules. Four, medical documents including outpatient service logs, skin test record time, patients with signature, each item can't be little, and patients over the age of 35 patients with blood pressure measurement is also do it. Focus here remind some village doctor, usually accepts large amount, some do a skin test, some didn't do a skin test, and some do a skin test patients didn't sign, be sure to get rid of this bad habit, one thousand were found, must be strictly processing. Five, new farming and reimbursement process must be in accordance with the provisions, handle affairs, do not brush sets others' attendance card, not tampered with, in medicine, not an impostor, not decompose prescription, not intercept of the patient's medical card. In this also highlight the village doctor friends, sometimes due to power failure or network impassability lead to intercept medicare card, be sure to return patients, never set a dangerous precedent for yourself, don't touch the red line. Because the light is being examined one thousand fine, or closed rectification, as do more harm than good. Six, medicines, and in accordance with the practice in the first place, to formal channels into medicine, keep the original invoice. Don't bid up the price, main control is given priority to with drug treatment, not operating health care medicines, no drugs other than the treatment effect. Second, don't make practice. For example, we don't have to carry out the qualification such as ultrasound, biochemical test, delivering babies will not be able to carry out diagnosis and treatment of related this is illegal. In short, the operation force is big, the strict careful, punishment YanLi, the village doctor friends must be careful, work here, not hollowing out, all Roman adverse has again. Only in their range, according to the procedure, do not make falsification in accordance with the requirements of policy to have to sleep well.
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