To the rescue! The medical team of nearly 6000 people across the country flew to the front

by:Celecare     2020-07-12
The outbreak is the command. For days, the country's medical workers who showed up in hubei wuhan, reinforcements, blowing the horn to the main charge. Race treatment for patients with time, don't avoid dangerous holdout, they use the healer kung, for the people built a solid line. Rally: emergency in a line on January 23, from the han channel closed. A group of high iron and in wuhan, the car is the first batch of Shanghai support wuhan intensive and respiratory physician. In huashan hospital of fudan university, Ma Xin will's medical team support, vice President of the wuhan after notice forwarded to the director of group, less than an hour, composed of three doctors nine nurses of three groups of the medical team was formed; In the yan chai hospital affiliated to Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine, eastern hospital intensive care unit, there are 17 people sign up half an hour; In zhongshan hospital affiliated to fudan university, intensive medicine, deputy director of the chimes after receiving instructions immediately cancel family trip, then leave for wuhan. All over the country, volunteered to the story of the battlefield everywhere. Wuhan, dangerous, or I go! Learned that department to send a nurse-in-charge, zhejiang university medical school first affiliated hospital infection branch deputy head nurse liu ye well-documented immediately. On the first day, liu ye to the fastest speed to deal with the work handover, swore to han. Now, liu served as the fourth hospital in wuhan city 19 ward nurse group leader, manages the 45 nursing staff. New Year's eve that day, sun yat-sen memorial hospital, sun yat-sen university of ICU nurse-in-charge Chen Linye support application submitted to wuhan, mother willing to give up her not to go, hide the suitcase. Stubborn Chen Linye carrying a red plastic bags, conveniently installed toiletries and a coat on the train to wuhan. Also on New Year's eve, the second affiliated hospital of xi 'an jiaotong university breathing and critically ill medicine of doctor of vice director of the first peace sign up for the signing of hubei medical team. Peace is the only child, elderly parents, with twin 8-year-old need people to take care of. As a medical workers, we are obligatory! She said. Peace is the ninth wuhan city hospital intensive care unit work, every day to attend hospital suspected cases of fever clinic consultation, busy often forgot to eat. Forward against the disease, at present, the national nearly 20000 medical staff were sent to the hubei wuhan medical treatment and other multiple areas. These elite force of white soldiers, in the most dangerous ward to remain. On January 29th night at half past eight, is about to enter the isolation ward jing to wear protective clothing, this is the first to wuhan after the night shift. Jing is the national aid medical team of hubei, Beijing union medical college hospital of doctor of vice director of respiratory and critical care medicine, the current isolation ward in huazhong university of science and technology, affiliated tongji hospital treating patients. Condensate patch, we need to eyes bigger, closer to see CT. Jing said. At 4 am, jing duty task, take off the protective clothing, was soaked in sweat from head to foot. The fifteenth day of the day, from henan province the first affiliated hospital of xinxiang medical college nurse rui-min wang in the isolation ward. In order to arouse the confidence of the patients, rui-min wang donated loving people to the medical team and our colleagues roughage piece one by one to two units of 60 patients. Grandpa, I wish you a happy holiday, recover at an early date! The laughter of lang lang for patients with a smile: girl, I wish you a happy holiday! May outbreak quickly in the past, we all go home earlier. In key hankou hospital intensive and critically ill patients in our hospital, in order to facilitate work, severe from nanfang hospital, southern medical university medicine doctor Taiwan left off the long hair for many years, from the long hair become bald. Responsible for close to 30 patients a day, she will be listed on the computer table, each one patient's condition change and replacement of the important things to record and print it out, convenient and succession doctor handover. Because wearing protective clothing, wearing gloves, heavy knock keyboard writing is very difficult, but she always very detailed records. WeiJianWei, countries will also gradually increase the ICU nurse support in hubei province, is currently in the ICU nurse working in hubei province has more than 2000 people. Guardian: together to meet challenges recently, wuhan for new crown pneumonia patients according to the condition, symptoms lighter to go into a square hospital. As more and more people rushing hospital, wuhan medical need the support strength. At 1 am on February 9, 50 points, wuhan tianhe airport, the flight slowly to the ground, a new wave of signing hubei medical team arriving. A plane and a plane, such as the final no. 41 plane arrived in 50 points is 23. The nearly 6000 people in more than 10 provinces of medical emergency rescue, this is since the outbreak of wuhan tianhe airport, transportation security has the largest number of a medical team. Shandong batch aid medical team of hubei is one of the 8. From the entire province 153 hospitals from 303 medical workers into rushing to the hospital. Although rushing the hospital are mild patients, but due to the large number, isolation and protection faces enormous challenges.
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