To ensure that patients with zero pays special period what are the special safeguard for health care

by:Celecare     2020-07-03
After the outbreak, rapid response, health department to carry out treatment. On the one hand, the clinical medicine and medical service project into temporary all medical insurance fund to pay limits, ensure patient zero pays, and advance money for hospital, reduce the pressure of their advances. Set up purchasing green channel, security prevention and control, on the other hand, the supply of drugs and devices, and innovative service mode, enjoy all the health care treatment in a timely manner to ensure that participants. Recently, the new crown pneumonia outbreak has changed people's life and work. In the national health cause, everyone is a soldier, fighting disease pain of patients, medical staff retrograde and death race, of course, more people home protection and virus resistance. In order to win the epidemic prevention and control of the people's war, health departments to carry out treatment security after the outbreak of an epidemic, to ensure that patients don't because of the cost, the medical establishment that decide a dot not affect treatment because of the total health budget management regulations. Protect patient: zero pays, not due to the sudden outbreak of misdiagnosis, rapid response, the national bureau of health care to expand health insurance to pay limits, will the new coronavirus infection pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan of coverage of drugs and medical services, all temporary incorporated into the scope of medical insurance fund pays. For diagnosis of the new champions league pneumonia in patients with medical expenses, in the basic medical insurance, serious illness insurance, medical treatment after paid according to regulations, individual burden part by fiscal subsidies, the implementation of integrated security. For diagnosis of patients with medical expenses, according to the Ministry of Finance and the state WeiJianWei on epidemic prevention and control of the policy, for ensuring adequate funding for the funds required for the individual burden part pay by local finance, the central government according to the actual expenses occurred shall be 60% of the subsidies. Also, patients with suspected don't have to worry about the corresponding medical expenses, by the medical insurance fund and financial out. Around the country level after have clear, specific measures are introduced, the new crown pneumonia confirmed and suspected patients take special health policy, through the way of health insurance payment and financial aid, reassure patients medical concerns. When outbreaks occur during the Spring Festival, people flow, a lot of work outside workers returning home for the festival. In view of the long distance expenses of the patients, were able to design the policy level, clear to settlement after treatment, to submit an expense account is no longer turn perform different ground treatment outside proportion pay scale down. To ensure that patients with confirmed or suspected long-distance medical treatment, ahead of the national health insurance bureau requirements, long-distance medical insurance fees by the medical health care department first advances, after the outbreak of the national unified organization liquidation. And long-distance medical diagnosis of patients with medical expenses burden of individual parts, the reporter understands will also be out by the Treasury. Bartender hospital: money, reduce the pressure of the payment in advance in the past, people in the hospital sees a doctor, is usually paid by the payment of hospital insurance after the share of the cost, again according to the actual cost and hospital health department. The epidemic prevention and control in the war, the hospital is a key battleground. Patients were treated with more medical institutions, the national health insurance bureau, health department can advance money, reduce the pressure of the payment of medical institutions. In the worst outbreak of hubei province as an example, on January 25, hubei appropriations for ten. Health insurance fund 300 million yuan, of which wuhan appropriations 7. 0. 2 billion yuan. At the same time, Beijing, Shanghai, shandong, guangdong, etc, are also appropriate in February funds over to the local medical institutions. The principles of health care in our country is a closed set, in the use of each as a whole the area every year up to the medical insurance fund, medical insurance department will give a ceiling, which is the total budget. The reporter understands, before each year at the beginning of the health care, health care sector will reimburse medical institutions by a health care this year's budget, in principle of medical institutions of health-care spending this year cannot exceed the limit. All of a sudden outbreak. Special period, the national health insurance bureau to adjust the relevant index to the total budget of medical institutions, medical expenses for new crown pneumonia patients single budget. Around then, combined with the actual, in succession to new crown pneumonia patients' medical costs separately. Guangdong province has also proposed that using pay by project cost, and not included in the press disease score a pay range. To focus on new crown pneumonia patients in our hospital medical institutions, health department also opened up a protocol management, establishment of fixed-point, appropriated funds and settlement and the green channel. On February 4, wuhan vulcan hill hospital started accepts new crown diagnosed with pneumonia. Past into medical insurance fixed point hospital take application, application, inspection, the public, sign the agreement and other processes. In mount vulcan hospital accepts the day, the department of health care center in wuhan office, completed settlement standards, preparation for paid directories, settlement system testing work, the vulcan hill hospital into the fixed point, implements the instant settlement after the commissioning of the hospital. Bartender YaoXie: medical institutions can be used to purchase emergency when the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, drugs and devices required is particularly valuable. In view of the tight supply problem, the national health insurance bureau to set up purchasing the green channel, in the provincial recruit under the condition of mining platform can not guarantee supply, allowed to purchase emergency medical institutions to use.
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