To build close medical wisdom has build a new pattern of medical treatment

by:Celecare     2020-06-02
On December 3, in order to improve the county health resource allocation and use efficiency, promote to build hierarchical diagnosis and reasonable treatment and order a new order, many in China are in advance of close county medical body construction. But in medical information in the process of project construction, in the face of numerous members of the unit and the different levels of information construction, how to solve the problems such as interagency coordination operation has been closely watched. In China's health communication conference held in Beijing on the 1st of close wisdom medical body points on the BBS, a discuss about that many in the industry. Zhenjiang in jiangsu province medical group director, secretary of the party committee, director shao said, since the new reform, focus on the supply side of zhenjiang city, reform of governance side and demand side, three side, materialization medical group, reconstructed the health service system. On the supply side, integration of resources to establish the chest pain, stroke, trauma, severe maternal, critically ill newborns treated five centers. By dealing with relevant medical couplet style guide basic-level correctly identify the patient, realize information sharing and remote emergency guidance and hospital patients with emergency preparation of pre-hospital and hospital seamless docking. Shenzhen lo wu, vice President of the maternity and child health care hospital group and group information management says jia-lin Chen, director of the center luohu hospital group since 2005, the area under its jurisdiction all the residents' health records information integration, convenient people anytime, anywhere access to personal health information, realize the whole life cycle of health management, and is used to club between health and medical institutions and experts real-time medical information sharing, two-way referral, remote diagnosis and remote operation, let the health data records of life, service life goal. A new generation of hospital medical body, wisdom must provide more than a single medical services, involve cloud, big data, medical, insurance, health services, etc. Peace wisdom of medical chief product officer river, points out that through the information construction to help cure common member homogeneity management and resource sharing in the body, from disease to cure not ill at the end of the development, gradually reduce the medical expenses, medical and public health together, and then forming and orderly pattern of medical treatment. To better achieve the prevention and intervention of the disease and peace group, tsinghua university jointly issued last year, city health index is based on the regional health care data platform, relevant information from both the data mining, comprehensive assessment of urban health, covers three dimensions 80 indicators, the comprehensive reflection of a city life style, the natural environmental conditions, and medical resource allocation at the same time, the key monitoring of nearly 40 kinds of main disease outbreaks. Dr Shi Xuanling peace group chief medical scientists, tsinghua university, said Dr Xie Guotong at present, the city health index has been applied to fall to the ground, gansu province, over the past year, can not only from the health resources, disease, life style, the natural environment and so on multi-dimensional urban comprehensive evaluation and dynamic monitoring and early warning, also be able to disease risk prediction and provide personalized recommendations combined with regional characteristics. In the process of disease intervention, peace WeiJianWei wisdom city medical team for gansu province to build a set of auxiliary diagnosis system based on artificial intelligence, for auxiliary diagnosis of grassroots doctors provide real-time recommendation, standardized and personalized treatment is recommended, and provide real-time knowledge of medical support to the doctor. At present, the platform has more than 13000 grassroots medical institutions in gansu province, to the ground, provide more than 400000 times a week in the diagnosis and treatment is recommended.
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