This 12 cases doctors may refuse to patients with diagnosis and treatment

by:Celecare     2020-05-14
Medical disputes occurred frequently on September 9, everybody also often can see some medical events, in certain circumstances, can the doctor to unfriendly declined to provide medical services? According to south Korean media reports, the specific cases, doctors shall have the right to refuse to make a diagnosis and give treatment of patients, the medical community in South Korea that calls for more and more high, the industry believes that although some patients against this proposal, but, in the United States and some European countries, has stipulated the doctor have this right. Subsidiary south Korean medical association, a report shows the result refer to other countries, South Korea doctor also in special cases should be allowed to refuse to diagnosis and treatment, such as demands forced abortions. ▌ Korea: doctor can refuse to diagnosis and treatment of 12 patients with conditions on Thursday, the Korean medical association medical policy institute released a report refused to diagnosis and treatment of the status quo and challenges, it analyzes the case in other countries, and puts forward in 12 cases, doctors may refuse to provide medical services. The 12 kinds of allowing doctors to refuse to provide medical services are as follows: the doctor can't go to work because of illness or unsuitable accepts patients; Because the hospital does not have enough beds, medical staff, drugs or supplies not accepts new patients; Due to other appointment the appointment of patients, and the doctor during the day can't see to the patient outpatient service; Diagnosis and treatment with the doctor's specialist, or doctors lack of professional knowledge and experience, and doctors say patients to other hospitals is effective; Because doctors don't know the doctor to the patient's treatment ( Drug use, process, operation) , so difficult to provide proper diagnosis and treatment; Urge the improper treatment, such as requiring prescription opioids; When doctors based on the requirement of medical judgment patients no longer require hospitalization and discharge; When you don't cooperate with the doctor's treatment; The doctor with conscience refuse treatment continue life; The doctor with conscience refused abortions; Insult, libel, violence or interfere with a doctor or other staff. Occupy or damage to the patients with medical facilities. South Korean medical association medical policy institute, said study leader to set up a high-level medical contract culture, you should delete the terms and conditions of the medical service act prohibits refused to diagnosis and treatment and related penalty clause, when the trust relationship between patients and doctors was broken, the doctor should be able to refuse to provide medical services. ▌ virtue, Britain, France, the doctor can refuse to diagnosis and treatment in patients with according to the report, the United States does not prohibit the doctor refused to diagnosis and treatment of provisions under normal circumstances, however, states anti-discrimination laws are prohibited from doctor based on race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, and religion to refuse treatment patients. However, the American medical association ( AMA) There are, the AMA code of ethics of medicine, including detailed rules can refuse to diagnosis and treatment. AMA provisions, in the following cases, the doctor can refuse to provide treatment: patients beyond the capability of the doctor or nurse scope; Patients without medical indication, be considered impossible to achieve the goal of health care; The patient's belief and the doctor's personal, religious, and based on the AMA runs counter to the moral standards of the code of ethics; There is no safe and proper diagnosis and treatment methods; Diagnosis and treatment of new patients can affect another is diagnosis and treatment of patients; Patient abuse or the threat of doctors, staff or other patients. Germany allows patients to choose a doctor, also allow doctors according to the doctors professional code of conduct 'refused to diagnosis and treatment. : the following circumstances, the German doctor can refuse to diagnosis and treatment because the patient's behaviour or don't follow the doctor's instructions, leading to trust between doctors and patients affected; Patients require inefficient or endless treatment; The patient requires inappropriate prescription; The doctor cannot sustain from overwork diagnosis and treatment; For diagnosis and treatment of patients with field do not belong to the specialist doctors; Patients without emergency, residence and far away from the doctor's office, health care area closer to another doctor. French limited to allow the doctor refused to diagnosis and treatment. According to the French public health law, doctors shall have the right to refuse to diagnosis and treatment, unless in emergency situations or must fulfill the obligations of humanitarian. If the doctor refused to provide diagnosis and treatment, he should tell the patients, and to give the necessary information to convey to other doctors, to ensure the continuity of treatment. British doctor guidance with the help of the British medical association ( GMC) , through the establishment of good medical practice to end the relationship between doctors and patients. According to GMC for the termination of a professional relationship with the patient guidelines, the doctor can terminate the relationship in the following situation: patients with violence, threats, abusive language, a doctor or staff; Stealing from a doctor or hospital; Consistency of unreasonable; Sexual harassment in patients with doctor.
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