The temple of heaven hospital first medical charge electronic bills

by:Celecare     2020-06-25
On December 2 in the morning, the temple of heaven hospital successfully opened Beijing the first city hospital medical charge for electronic paper, officially opened the city's finance reform of medical charge electronic bills. The reporter learns from the city bureau of finance, in patients with this at his own expense, on the basis of the first batch of pilot, the next step, this city will be introduced for medicare patients and hospitalized patients medical charges electronic tickets, make information more run errands, less people. After medical fee bills e-government, can reduce the patients in the hospital waiting time window for charge bill, also can download print use at any time, from daily to save trouble. In may this year, the municipal finance bureau jointly city health and health committee, the municipal hospital management center selected tiantan hospital as a pilot hospital medical charge electronic bills. At the completion of the temple of heaven hospital hospital charge system and financial electronic ticket system docking work, choose this self-paid patients as an object of the first application of medical charge electronic bills issued first city hospital medical electronic instrument. In the past, the patients to obtain medical charge paper notes, need to pay the hospital window waiting in line. Today, JiaoFeiRen directly through small procedures, the hospital can obtain medical charge for electronic paper. Medical fee bills within the information system will automatically accrue to the individuals name, JiaoFeiRen can query at any time to download, already solved JiaoFeiZhe waiting to collect the tickets, and eliminate the crowd to see a doctor after charging paper ticket lost, damaged anxious helpless. The relevant person in charge of municipal bureau of finance, said the next step, the Treasury goalkeeper joint departments, on the basis of summarizing the experience in the temple of heaven hospital, consolidate the pilot results, are introduced for medicare patients and hospitalized patients medical charges electronic paper, further intensify the reform of medical charge electronic bills and depth, provide more convenient, high-quality service for the populace.
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