The official opening of the first square hospital ( Reports from the epidemic prevention and control line)

by:Celecare     2020-05-27
5 night, convention and exhibition center is located in wuhan, wuhan hongshan gymnasium, the sitting room of three square hospital, gradually began to receive new coronavirus infection in patients with pneumonia square hospital, marks used to receive the first application in patients with mild the official opening of the hospital. 3, was built in the three square hospital for 4400 beds, after gradually put into use, the emergency from 20 provinces 2000 medical workers arriving in wuhan. At present, wuhan square hospital has 11, respectively, wuhan hongshan gymnasium sitting room, wuhan international convention and exhibition center, science and technology convention and exhibition center, a high-tech industrycenter of wuhan international exhibition center, sports center, wuhan tower lake gymnasium, ling senior vocational middle school in wuhan city, huashan outdoor sports center, Huang Bei one stadium and wuhan sports center, accepts will put into more than beds. The application usually consists of medical function unit, hospital unit, such as technical support unit parts, has the emergency treatment, surgical treatment and clinical aspects of function test. , vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese academy of medical sciences dean wang Chen said that compared to isolate small airtight space, in addition to the large amount of treated patients, application of hospital ward is in the open, care can greatly improve the efficiency, the doctors and nurses can take care of more patients; And because of treated were diagnosed patients, pathogen, same cross infection does not become a prominent problem.
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