The official investigation grassroots medical institutions have 4 big problem

by:Celecare     2020-07-07
Official survey grass-roots medical institutions, on April 10th, at 4 big pain points. Recently, the pillars of chongqing autonomous county people's congress (NPC) around the construction situation of grassroots medical and health institutions to carry out the research. From the research situation, the county-wide basic medical and health institution construction has made obvious effect, but there are still some problems. 1, hospital medical staff income is not high, equipment old, the institutes of health workers income is not high, and poor working environment and working conditions, keep talents. Pillars of the municipal people's representative and autonomous county township of gd ginkgo village party branch secretary Yu Wenxing said, grassroots health institutions shortage of doctors, is pain points and difficulties of the current. Equipment configuration is unreasonable, some facilities in towns and townships substandard housing, medical environment and conditions for improvement; Part of the towns and townships and lack of facilities and equipment aging, seriously affect the diagnosis and treatment effect; 2, hospital departments is not complete, service ability is low many grassroots health institutions generally don't have to open surgery, obstetrics, pediatrics and other grassroots medical demand big department, more can't carry out the corresponding operation. Subject to the shortage of the facilities in towns and townships and the lack of senior personnel, the service ability of downward trend year by year, to provide basic medical services of outpatient, hospital, etc of reducing year by year. The common cold in township hospitals to heal, but slightly some serious disease. Yu Wenxing said, after a villager hurt, want to take a piece, in a health but institutes without equipment, only get the county hospital, the doctor's costs have gone up a lot. 3, inadequate protection of the rural doctors, poor working environment of rural doctors lack of job security, income also is generally low. Especially in village clinics, service radius is big, poor working environment, some medical workers would rather give up my professional work, are not willing to join the village doctor. Service radius is big, the population density is small, is a lot of the western region rural doctors work problems. According to a health facility in yunnan province dean, they run hundreds of miles to patients with a follow-up is often the case, the follow-up time spend time of a day, not including dangerous mountain road. Hard working environment, coupled with jurisdiction corresponding population less income, less plus village doctor informal workers, no corresponding guarantee, all these reasons make people are reluctant to stay at the local, exacerbating the brain drain at the grass-roots level. 4, the superior has not really sink to the township medical staff in medical management and leads, the superior hospitals have the responsibility to send medical personnel support grassroots medical institutions. But Yu Wenxing research found that not only his own country, around the villages and towns there are also such a situation, health facilities is insufficient, is also a lack of medical talents. He also learned that, in accordance with the relevant policies, some county hospital medical staff to the grassroots medical and health institutions. However, these medical personnel didn't really sink to the villages and towns. Improve the level of basic medical security, this 3 points must solve the shortage of grassroots medical institutions service ability is the health facing a big problem in our country, basic not firm, talent doesn't, hierarchical diagnosis system can't health work. At present, insufficient basic ability the most effective way to tackle it is to close the medical body construction. Advice to explore grassroots health institutions collectivize management, build up dominated by group, the high degree of open close medical total body model, to promote the county more balanced development of urban and rural medical and health undertakings. The relevant person in charge of pillars of autonomous county people's congress standing committee general committee said. This research report pointed out that to improve the level of basic medical insurance, must do the following three points: 1, strengthening the education and training of medical staff to strengthen the construction of medical and health personnel, grassroots medical institutions and improve the medical technical level. To broaden the talent enroll channels, strengthen the education and training medical staff, in order to cure for reform as an opportunity to give full play to the county medical institutions resource advantage, promote high quality medical resources sinking, raise the overall service level of the county medical institutions at the grass-roots level as a whole. To strengthen medical and health development safeguard mechanism construction to improve the security level of the basic medical institutions, and guide the common disease, frequently-occurring disease in grassroots medical institutions for medical treatment, as much as possible to ensure that the county medical and health resources reasonable use. 2, strengthen the grassroots medical institutions and drug supply security promote drug cohesion, township medical institutions and medical institutions at the county level on the variety, dosage forms, specifications for upper and lower linkage, for the first option at the grass-roots level, two-way referral, ailment at the grassroots, use drug rehabilitation in the community to provide security. 3, hospitals and village clinics, five integration implementation of township hospitals and village clinics team, work, information fusion, evaluation, distribution, five. Only in these areas to achieve unification, grassroots medical institutions in step, working and evaluation can be more fair and reasonable. In addition, to establish and improve the basic medical and public health balance, two promotion mechanism, for the grassroots health service provides the omni-directional, the whole cycle. On public health and the diagnosis and treatment of work assignments, often hear some grassroots doctors readers reflect, health for a long time, don't have time to set his mind at to save people's lives or work every day.
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