The new 'measures for the administration of health insurance medical insurance included in the health insurance category landing

by:Celecare     2020-05-19
On November 13, on November 12, silver circ's official website said in a news release, the measures for the administration of health insurance ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'method') Has passed, will formally since December 1, 2019, in the medical insurance will be added to the health insurance for the first time, at the same time clear long-term care insurance can be adjusted rate, short-term personal health and delete expression between the fluctuation of fire insurance premium rate, so as to adapt to the direction of the current rate marketization. Silver circ about head points out, in order to further strengthen supervision and effectively meet people's demand for health care, silver circ on health insurance definition classification, product specifications and regulatory management regulation, health management, sales, cooperation, and information technology and health insurance and so on has carried on the necessary revisions. The revision in the 'method', the definition of medical accident insurance new to health insurance. To this, the relevant person in charge of silver insurance regulatory commission, said medical accident refers to the medical behavior not to have the ideal treatment effect and damage, the damage is predictable, and unpredictable damage to the definition of accident insurance is different. And strengthen medical accident harm the interests of the guarantee for the protection of patients, reduce medical disputes is of great significance. In addition, in terms of rate, 'method' clear long-term care insurance can be adjusted rate. Health branch of the China insurance industry association, director of the committee, chairman and CEO of ping an health insurance Yang Zheng pointed out that due to the lack of clear support rate adjustment policy, the insurance company in the design and development of medical insurance, can only develop a one-year or very limited (the period Such as six years) Health insurance products, with a halt to the sale of the old product upgrade new product model for future medical inflation and rising health care costs caused by medical technology progress. This is a big breakthrough. Insurance department of the State Council development research center, deputy director of the jun-sheng zhu said that the demands of the consumers for health insurance sector is one of renewal, while insurance companies will face the environment changes, the incidence of disease, such as technology upgrading compensation risk. A breakthrough, to the insurance company to do more to explore in the field of long-term health insurance policy support, is expected in the future, to ensure long-term health insurance will be more and more consumers right of renewal. Silver, head of the circ, said the next step will continue to promote better serve the national health insurance reform work and the implementation of the strategy of health in China. Including guide to return to the origin of the industry, improve the incidence of major disease definition, revision of serious illness tables and other related health insurance system, encourage the insurance industry to participate in national long-term care insurance system, and strengthen supervision, standardization of health insurance market order, etc.
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