The new champions to pneumonia critically ill patient also leave a life channel

by:Celecare     2020-07-02
As the fire mountain and several square hospital put into use, in wuhan serious epidemic areas, such as stipulated, should be treated as governance is gradually achieve it. For ultra words in weibo pneumonia page, began to have a net friend deleted for help, change into family get admitted. But at the same time, another for epidemic severely affected groups, still calls for more attention from all walks of life. According to media reports, in wuhan, suizhou, hospitals or requisitioned for fever patients admitted hospital, or temporarily closed to prevent cross infection in oncology department, onset, blood dialysis centers and other departments, some much-needed chemotherapy of patients with cancer, leukemia patients in urgent need of blood transfusion, in urgent need of the new champions on dialysis uremia patients such as pneumonia, critically ill patients in the soup she noted. The new champions league number of critically ill patients of SARS, but many people have go the hospital before checked, some new patients were no longer with other hospital, sometimes need to provide the nucleic acid detection results, confirmed that no new crown pneumonia can handle the transfer. But, due to the limited medical resources, fever designated hospitals generally do not arrange nucleic acid testing for patients without obvious symptoms, this is an infinite loop. If you want to referral to the field, all the way to face the strict traffic control; Even to be able to attend, according to media reports, reach beyond the general will not accept the quarantine after 14 days after the diagnosis and treatment related report, disturbing patients family members describing the situation. When all possible routes are turned into a dead end, they can do only wait, but worse never and others. On January 28, wuhan new crown pneumonia prevention and control command post, the city medical institutions to implement this court sense of prevention and control measures, the reasonable transformation process, to meet the common chronic renal failure patients, maternal, surgical disease crowd health care needs. But some of the critical condition of common chronic patients in related departments in the process, get reply is, now just have to come over to the new crown patients can't, you have to find their own way. The key stage of epidemic prevention and control has been the most be a strain, medical resources should be inclined to a line, the illness is lighter patients with other should make way for the new coronary patients. Resistance to disease and rescue acute disease, serious illness, the patient's ultimate goal is to save lives, such as health care department is expected to be system, overall arrangement, the opportunity for other acute disease, serious illness patient to set aside a life path. SARS period she noted some critically ill patients, the regret in today should avoid as far as possible. This period of time, there are some encouraging case. Recently, wuhan hospital is requisitioned for fever patients admitted hospital, hemodialysis center temporarily shut down. The hospital kidney disease medical workers through contact and coordination in many ways, with two days for the school district 60 all need to accept two or three times a week dialysis uremia patients found to receive the hospital. These patients, a doctor said in an interview, not dialysis would have died, they finish is a life project. Xi jinping, general secretary of the repeated life is more important than mount tai. For the new champions in a critical condition of pneumonia in patients with open channel, life should be the government, medical institutions, media, social organization, chasing together. Relevant functional departments, must attach great importance to this special group, and come up with feasible response. On February 5th, hubei WeiJianWei can be done after the end of January, delimit the six maternal hospital, surgery and dialysis, and released a batch of the whole province within the scope of the maternal fixed-point hospital treatment, blood dialysis treatment designated hospitals and children treat fixed-point hospital. These vital information, through conferences, government affairs, new media, television, text messaging and so on a variety of channels in a timely manner. The new champions for pneumonia patients a lifesaver, also need good social platform. On February 14, weibo administrator issued weibo pneumonia for ultra words about further extended for help the scope of the announcement, announced that from now on to accept the new champions league in wuhan pneumonia critically ill patients of information, and passed to the relevant government departments to verify the solution. Similar media platform, the related department can understand patients needs, targeted to solve the problem, patients in hospitals, community master information at the same time, to understand the base number of such patients as soon as possible, in order to make overall arrangement. Dialysis decade all get through it, way better than more difficult. This is a group of kidney patients, patients show mutual between childhood leave a message. The new champions league severe pneumonia patients voice is being more and more people hear and everyone together to find a way to, can always accompany them through the current difficult.
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