The national tertiary hospital laboratory construction to strengthen the new crown detection ability

by:Celecare     2020-06-03
To test the new champions league NO virus. 1 tertiary hospitals across the country, the construction of laboratory on April 19, according to the official website of the State Council, state council zone spreading mechanism maintaining 'about further do a good job during the outbreak of the new crown virus detection of notice ( Hereinafter referred to as 'notice') 。 Notice shows that to further strengthen the laboratory construction, improve the detection ability, to combine the new epidemic prevention and control and testing requirements, to strengthen the construction of medical and health institutions laboratory. Level 3 general hospital shall be established biosafety level 2 and above standard clinical test laboratory, independently develop new coronavirus detection ability; For disease control and prevention institutions at all levels and the conditional specialized subject hospital, secondary hospital, independent setting of medical test lab should also strengthen the laboratory construction, improve the detection capability. The relative lack of medical resources, detection capability is relatively weak, epidemic prevention and control pressure area, especially the land border crossings, want to choose one comprehensive strength strong support key medical institutions at the county level, nucleic acid detection ability of medical institutions in the county. 'Notice', according to the medical institutions to carry out the etiology examination shall meet the municipal department of health under the people's government with districts for the record of biosafety level 2 and above laboratory qualification, and in accordance with the clinical medical institutions gene amplification test lab management method '( Who do the medical ZhengFa [2010] no. 194) The requirements and have the PCR laboratory conditions, etc. 不。 2 new reagent, rising demand at home and abroad to hospitals in new coronavirus detection, a new reagent is necessary, according to related statistics, at present our country has 26 enterprises 30 listed products approved by the state food and drug administration emergency registration. Nucleic acid testing kit 19 products, including the Shanghai zhijiang biology, Shanghai jie's biological, huada creatures, such as SAN xiang biological products. Antibody detection kit 11, including Wan Fu biological, British nott, zhuhai method such as enterprise products. In fact in addition to domestic demand and foreign demand is also rising, according to the people's government of sichuan province, as the epidemic spread around the world, a new type of coronavirus detection kit demand is bigger and bigger. The recent biological new coronavirus 2019 - mike NCoV nucleic acid detection kit ( Fluorescent PCR method) And 2019 new coronavirus IgM/IgG antibody detection kit ( Colloidal gold method) From the European Union CE certification, has been exported to Spain, Italy, Qatar and the united Arab emirates, the Philippines, Romania, Bulgaria and so on more than 40 countries and regions. In addition to realize the biological, fosun medicine, huada companies such as nucleic acid detection kit have received CE certification. According to the international financial news, guangzhou region of a nucleic acid detection reagent sales staff said that overseas are now lack of test kits. We would be able to out of the customs, the goods but is a difficult problem how to into the local customs. Products sent to South Korea or Japan, for example, because of the local policy is very strict, if you don't go the epidemic area channel, customer would probably have to send your product is less than, but not all places have affected areas.
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