The national medical waste, medical sewage disposal smoothly and orderly

by:Celecare     2020-06-28
Deputy director of the ecological environment of solid waste and chemicals company zhi-qiang zhou 12 zone spreading mechanism under the State Council, said at a news conference at the moment, the national medical waste, medical treatment and disposal of sewage smooth and orderly, found no safety for epidemic prevention and control affect the environment. Jacky chau said that ecological environment closely around two 100%, of all national medical institutions and facilities, environmental regulation and service a complete coverage of 100%, medical waste, timely and effective medical sewage collection and disposal 100% full implementation, ShenZhongRuShi, not relax, hold firmly grasp the real fine epidemic prevention and control of relevant environmental protection work. Jacky chau said that medical waste stipulated, should place, basic implementation nissan nissin. As of April 10, 2020, the national medical waste disposal capacity of 6074 tons/day, compared to 4902 before the outbreak. Improve the 23 8 tons/day. 9%. Since January 20, 2020, the cumulative disposal of medical wastes 25. 20000 tons. As the epidemic situation improves, discharge of medical waste in wuhan city has been from a peak of 247 tons/world down to 117 tons/day, receiving medical sewage of the nation's 2029 town sewage treatment plant stable operation, strictly implement the disinfection measures.
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