The national health work in selectiving examination orgasm many clinics, hospitals was sent off

by:Celecare     2020-07-13
On September 30, recently, the national many clinics, hospitals and village clinics was sent off in the double random inspection work, these things we should pay attention to. Released in January of this year, the national WeiJianWei 'about print and distribute national supervision and spot check at random 2019 plan notice, request, respectively, in 2019 July 15 and October 31 submit to the national WeiJianWei supervision bureau half year report and annual report. National many clinics, hospitals and village clinics around the penalty to submit annual report due date is coming soon, selective examination work throughout the country so also welcomed a small climax. Recently, small club found that many clinics, hospitals and village clinics was sent off in the double random inspection work. 1. 5 - WeiJianWei, Shanxi Province, Shanxi Province, issued the 2019 academic year Provincial health supervision in August by double random spot check result of the public ', of which more than 50 grass-roots medical institutions were ordered to rectification or administrative penalties. Involved in clinics, community health service centers, hospitals and village clinics, selective examination professional mainly include family planning three major aspects, the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases and medical services. 2. In early July in henan jiaozuo, henan jiaozuo demonstration area family planning of health supervision, 43, has completed the double random checked 7 testing, with three case penalty, selective examination content including disinfection and isolation system of medical institutions and medical personnel qualifications, execution, medical waste disposal. 3. August - chongqing yongchuan district September, chongqing yongchuan district WeiJianWei national double random inspection work, four clinics, hospitals penalty, maximum fine of 3000 yuan, involving beyond medical practice, medical waste disposal, grooming, etc. 4. Shenzhen on September 11, shenzhen WeiJianWei issued 'about in August 2019, the city's health supervision double random a publication of the public examination results,'. According to statistics, in the double random inspection object, found no problem 7 cases, found that the problem has 9 cases, shall be ordered to correct spot checks found closed 2 cases, initiate the proposed punishment 8 cases. Involved in clinics and community health service center, sampling including radiological health and health care professional. 5. April 2019 - in kunming, yunnan province During the period of September 23, completed the country 2019 public health supervision and spot check city double random tasks. Initiate the punishment 24 ( Fine 5. 550000 yuan) 。 On penalties at the same time, the health supervisors to do the check in place, the rectification in place and will check the result, health testing data report to the national health supervision information platform. Is to report complaints or medical institutions, will check in addition, vice director of state administration of market supervision and management of the ma zhengqi said, double random sampling method does not mean that once and for all. To be reported complaints, obvious violation of information supervision cadres of medical institutions, will also do check, point-to-point check at any time. The three aspects of the content of spot check everyone to understand: 1. Health care content of spot check all kinds of medical institutions at all levels in accordance with the practice situation, the medical personnel in accordance with the practice situation; Whether to carry out specific medical technology has obtained the corresponding technical access documents ( Organ transplantation, human assisted reproductive technology, maternal and infant health care technology, the limit of the third class medical technology, etc. ) Conditions, etc. 2. Prevention and control of infectious diseases in selectiving examination content of medical institutions at all levels, the institution of disease prevention and control, blood services according to the duty to carry out the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, including integrated management, vaccination, statutory epidemic reporting of infectious diseases, infectious disease control, disinfection, medical waste disposal, and biological safety of pathogenic micro-organism laboratory management and so on seven aspects. 3. Family planning in selectiving examination content of family planning the implementation of relevant laws and regulations supervision and inspection; To the institutions engaged in family planning technical services and personnel supervision and inspection, to identify the gender of a fetus without medical needs and other artificial selective termination behavior of the supervision and inspection. 12 minefield, you don't step on small clubs to grassroots medical institutions across the country are summarized in a random spot check in, you don't step on the pit. The main cause of action: 1. Clinic of traditional Chinese medicine intravenous fluids service without permission; 2. Community health service stations beyond the 'practice license of medical' scope registered and approved to carry out activities in vitro rubble; 3. Indoor infectious medical waste treatment did not use a dedicated medical waste packaging container collection; 4. Treatment of indoor use of infectious medical waste packaging injury medical waste collection; 5. Use a dedicated collection loss tool box of infectious medical waste collection of medical waste; 6. Not for production of medical waste registration; 7. Medical personnel mount guard work or not to wear to the wear is not standard; 8. Not the ban marks, and complaints to report telephone, not build system of smoking, for tobacco control training; 9. Workers who did not receive disinfection technical training, knowledge of disinfection, and disinfection and isolation system strictly according to regulations; 10. Medical institutions plaque institution name and practice license of medical institution shall name not the same 11. Yet to sign a prescription according to law; 12. Use of health technical personnel has not written records in accordance with the relevant provisions. At present, all over the country in double random inspection work, we don't take any chances, must be ready to be random. As long as everybody attention at ordinary times, can avoid unnecessary fines.
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