The national health insurance code comprehensive on-line brush yards, such as the crowd to see a doctor will realize payment

by:Celecare     2020-06-28
On March 24, farewell entity medicare card, code on a doctor to buy medicine into reality. Recently, by the national health care health care electronic certificate issued by the unified information platform in paid treasure to comprehensive online, covering 13. Ginseng of 500 million people. Ginseng protect people can pay treasure to search on the health code, in the future, the crowd to see a doctor, to buy medicine, can be achieved by mobile phone to brush yards medicare payments. According to introducing, health electronic documents commonly known as health code, is based on the health care information for health care for all of ginseng protect personnel to generate identification electronic medium, take the real name, real person authentication, encryption algorithm, dynamic qr code display, such as technology, have the certification only wait for a characteristic, at the same time, the security of the security code on the payment. Ginseng protect people need in paid treasure to homepage search health electronic voucher or health code, agree to receive and after brush face authentication, can be a key to credentials into pay treasure card package. , you can by health care electronic voucher for medicare query, protect capture, see a doctor to buy medicine, deal with different ground treatment and other related business, enjoy all kinds of health care services online. At present, shandong, fujian, hebei, heilongjiang, jilin and other places have take the lead to achieve the health code and code to buy medicine. At the same time, the medical insurance code in power without contact a doctor to take medicine. The first people's hospital of jinan city as the country's first health care electronic documents fully process diagnosis and treatment hospital, here, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, slow patients registered by mobile phones, video visits a prescription, can payment online, to achieve the goal of the doctor don't have to run at a time.
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