The national county medical market supplies, equipment access rules to change

by:Celecare     2020-07-13
On August 12, health care, national level billions of county medical market, supplies, equipment access rules to change. County unified procurement directory is a killer recently, the general office of jiangxi people's government on the county comprehensive reform pilot work guidance ( Trial) 》( Hereinafter referred to as 'opinions') Pilot announced, 12 counties, the province's subsequent full-scale. 'Opinion' highlighted the pioneer ( City, area) A drug consumables unified management, unified, consumables catalogue, unified payment. Normalizing the unified medical in all medical institutions at all levels in the body, material variety, dosage forms, specifications, etc. This means that, in jiangxi province, the county medical uniform list of consumables in the body, unified payment reform is started. Before that, clear in zhejiang province in June this year, from July 1, 2019, 135 county medical body all members - - - - - - 135 county hospitals, 1005 towns and townships, community health service center began to perform drug consumables unified purchase, unified payment, the original hospital procurement interface, platform access full stop. Zhejiang, jiangxi county medical rapid advance in medicines and chemical reagents, consumable purchase payment reform, is a response to national program. In may this year, the national health committee issued 'about promoting close county health community building notice ( Hereinafter referred to as 'notice') And 'the pilot implementation of close county health community building guidelines' ( Hereinafter referred to as 'guidelines') 。 Clear in 2020, the country's 500 counties into close medical body, medical body drug consumables unified management, unified medication, consumables catalogue, unified procurement and distribution, unified payment. Conditional region, to break the county in different medical the difference between the total body, explore the unity of the local drug consumables management and procurement and distribution, etc. Years, the county health market admittance of drug supplies is undergoing great changes, and in the national and provincial county medical reform scheme, total body health care costs throughout, and medical insurance bureau also participate. County hospital for consumables catalogue, pay is one of the key. For consumables enterprises, if not the county purchasing union catalog, so even if the winning at the provincial level, still can't enter to the county medical body as the main platform of medical market. And the county medical total body consumables unified directory, health care access is the most important criteria. July zhejiang province health bureau issued 'about promoting the province county medical, valuing the opinions of the reform of basic medical insurance payment', in the national first to open the province county medical reform of DRGs. The influence of the reform undoubtedly is very important. File requirements set by the zhejiang provincial DRGs standard, calculated by the cities DRGs points, by as a whole area determine the DRGs point value. Through the establishment of this mechanism, encourage the hospital sees a doctor, use more cost-effective drugs and consumables, reduce unnecessary tests, saving medical cost and increases the hospital income. County in grassroots medical institutions, with the implementation of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, ZhenLiaoLiang increased financial investment funds of technological equipment will also be greatly increased, but the implementation of health insurance payment, is bound to the biggest extent, reduce the material purchasing cost. This means that the uniform list of consumables, zhejiang province, the core of the health care access is consumable price, in simple terms, how much is price cut space. D a total body bargaining negotiations, amount of purchase! County market access rules to change it in the morning of August 6, close county of guangdong province medical payment total body health comprehensive reform pilot can take place in Yang west county. Also opened up the province's first county of guangdong province close medical payment for comprehensive reform pilot! Among them it is worth noting that the guangdong clear to medical body for bargaining by bargaining varieties for the unit. Total payment of DRG paying, the key is to through the health care package fee in the form of drugs and consumables internalized into hospital operating costs, eventually paid closed loop. As a result, under the new medical insurance payment mechanism of incentive and constraint, local medical institutions will naturally produce active reducing drug consumables procurement prices, control health care costs. Pilot county of guangdong province medical has let go of bargaining, no doubt, is to make local medical institutions to DaTiLiang with business, reduce drug consumable purchase price. Released in the counties of zhejiang province county medical reform scheme, total body also explicitly as compressed pharmaceutical material artificially high prices, the county medical total body material purchasing bargaining with quantity. Thousands of county-level hospitals, thousands of towns and townships to upgrade behind, is tuyere is also a shuffle! In the first half of this year, only the three provinces of hunan, yunnan, hainan provincial grass-roots medical equipment procurement projects, to the nearest $5! And construction of the second batch of 1000 county-level hospitals upgrade has been launched, more than 30 towns and townships, community health service center standardization construction, standard ascension also pushed across the country. Supplies equipment within the county in the rapidly expanding market, for medical device companies, is a geometric growth of the market. Tuyere is, however, is also changing. Fiscal investment in increasing, but health control fee will be unprecedented strictly. Small, scattered and disorderly grassroots market, under the policy of tuyere, certainly is also the procurement regulation change from products, circulation.
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