The listed company slump in hospital investment project BaoLei hospital performance

by:Celecare     2020-07-16
On July 19, recently a lot of the hospital investment projects of listed companies have BaoLei, might be worth investors and private medical alert and thoughtful. Hospital performance high commitment into empty! Hospital investment is a good business door quick money? Recently a lot of the hospital investment projects of listed companies have BaoLei, might be worth investors and private medical alert and thoughtful. The listed company, securities market weekly reported people pharmaceutical ( 603222). Merger of a few private hospitals have been reported severe performance not reach target. Pharmaceutical from zhejiang to bring people a garment enterprises acquire ezhou two hospitals, for example, transaction object commitment, 2017 - Buckle the net profit in 2018, ezhou second hospital not less than 23 million yuan and 26. 45 million yuan respectively, but the truth is very cruel, according to the annual report and announcement, in 2017 and 2018, ezhou second hospital implementation of buckle a net profit of 23. 43 million yuan and 10. 42 million yuan respectively. What concept? Is ezhou button second hospital of the net profit in 2018, compared with 2017. To another - people pharmaceutical bought by a hospital - - - - - - Bai Shuiji people hospital as an example, the purchase, trading object commitment, in 2018, the hospital Bai Shuiji people a net profit of not less than 17. 25 million yuan, but the fact is that, in 2018, according to the annual report and announcement Bai Shuiji people hospital implementation deduct the net profits of 6. 29 million yuan, is only a third of the performance pledge. Reach purchase commitment performance is not the only people pharmaceutical encounter, according to 'look at those' know, in the tide of listed companies to snap up the hospital seeking transformation, the industry has appeared in a lot of hospital acquisitions not exceeding the expectation '. Period of time before all of qiqihar JHF hospital medical staff and management and the listed company innovation ( 002173). The battle between, for example, according to 'look at those' know, the main reason is the JHF hospital in 2018 was not completed when the m&a performance layer, only completed the promised performance of 84. 79%, according to bet against the agreement, need to compensate the performance of listed companies. In fact, investment in innovation of medical hospital, JHF hospital not only didn't complete performance, commitment to innovation of medical investment in jiangsu province fu tian hospital also completed the promised performance only 31 in 2018. 97%. Another star according to the listed company's medical ( 300143). In April of this year's announcement, the company spent 1 at the beginning of 2018. 300 million to buy a 51% stake in chongqing HuaJianYou party hospital, 2018 hospital net income is not lower than 20 million commitment, not less than 25 million, 2019, 2020, no less than 3000 yuan, but in 2018 net profit only finished 16. 5 million, the current should be compensated 6. 06 million yuan of listed company. Visible, the hospital investment performance promised to finish has become a common phenomenon. Blind pursuit of high growth performance of learned, performance commitment in the capital market is a common phenomenon in the mergers and acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions of listed companies. In 2008, according to the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued the measures for the administration of material assets reorganization of listed companies, can make clear a regulation to buy assets of listed companies, the profit forecast report of the assets to be purchased should be provided, and the dealing party performance compensation agreement. That is to say, the hospital want to married into the listed company, on the agreement must be signed. So, performance promises to finish? Some still can friendly consultation, others fights, both. JHF hospital, for example, as a result of compensation doesn't talk properly, both sides ploughs, shortly before the JHF hospital, chairman dean Liang Xicai on suspicion of job occupation crime by the public security organ to take compulsory measures, such as innovative medical Ma Jianjian, President of listed companies, the hospital many when the worker's egg gun attacks. According to 'look at those' know, many hospital projects, because the performance is not up to standard, compensation disputes, even resorting to court. Bet for a department of the hospital investment agreement disputes caused by events, a health care reform scholar to see their profession said, both medical and capital market, adhere to the spirit of contract is the basic principle of market economy. But the emergence of a series of high performance commitment and defaults, is also very worthy of medical and the investment community. Some investors information and often require hospital promise results quickly doubled, some hospitals shareholders want to married into the listed company, is the current performance, blindly signed performance high commitment to bet against the agreement, not only in the late is easy to cause disputes, and violated the basic rule of health investment, does not exclude the force hospital operating managers were forced to give up respect nature, once appear, damage the interests of patients, hospital managers and investors, and even the whole private medical ecology will be damaged. In addition, the expert returns a proposal, department of health and health care departments should promise high growth performance in the capital operation of medical institutions tracked scrutiny, similar to investors and hospital managers by cooling.
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