The good doctor please go to the side - — The first Internet hospital begin in liaoning

by:Celecare     2020-06-21
On December 6, 5, 9, shenyang, liaoning province area residents to Mr Wan sitting on the sofa in the home, with a mobile phone into the cloud clinic shengjing hospital affiliated to China medical university, both online and before the first deputy director of the cardiovascular internal medicine ward zhaomei shengjing hospital doctor face to face, never leave home can finish on the appointment. Mr Wan and zhao doctor the cloud office communication, is the first Internet hospital - in liaoning province - - - - - - Shengjing hospital outpatient hospital of the first Internet network. A month ago in the hospital first option is to see the doctor, zhao she understand my condition. Now move finger can return at home, check the results come out, I will be in the cloud office asked her to see the results, don't have to run a hospital lines many times. Mr Wan said, I need the illness is chronic and review on a regular basis. A review of at least two days before, long lines, also can't always hang number. It is convenient of Internet hospitals. Benefit in patients with less running errands, and more is our original intention and motivation. Shengjing hospital affiliated to China medical university party secretary yu-hong zhao said. According to shengjing hospital introduces, at present, nearly 40 shengjing hospital doctors clinic opened a cloud. Open the phone, visit patients after an appointment time, with the attending physician in one-on-one service, online payment, online booking inspection, review report, prescription drugs, a series of operating point. The Internet cloud hospital clinic for the doctor's diagnosis and broke through the limit of time and space. Zhaomei said, the Internet hospital through, when the doctor's pieces, the best use of time to achieve both waiting for the flight delay time, or for other reasons were forced to cancel the meeting or travel plans, doctor if enabled online appointment function, you can online. For patients in stable condition, need long-term follow-up, will save a lot of time. In addition, shengjing hospital Internet results also benefit patients by mutual recognition mode, patients come to cloud office, booking online experts, upload the inspection photos, files, etc, direct online access to the doctor, and the professional medical advice and treatment.
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