The county market will be changed! Complete coverage of guangdong medical has entered the countdown!

by:Celecare     2020-05-14
On October 17, was seen as a hierarchical system of diagnosis and treatment, the important measures for building close county community health care ( Hereinafter referred to as the medical body) Have new progress! As one of the pilot provinces, the general office of the guangdong people's government in's official website on October 16, hanging out on the printing of guangdong province to strengthen the construction of close county community health care plan notice, clear of that year until June of next year, all in order to achieve the province's counties ( City, area) The county medical body full coverage. According to the requirements of the scheme, the county medical body will be dominated by the government at the county level construction, led by the hospital's overall responsibility, implement the administrative, personnel, finance, quality, YaoXie, six aspects unified management information system. Than the gansu in pioneer propulsion, sichuan in 2019, each city ( State) At least 1 counties ( City, area) Pilot, medicine province guangdong county medical body full coverage, the plan of the county medical market influence is obvious. Lenovo in guangdong province health bureau issued before the expansion work implementation plan - around - - - - - - State in expanding around the selected drugs in guangdong province drug centralized purchasing platform hanging nets, take amount of purchase, and will be implemented in January 2020 formally. Guangdong grassroots YaoXie market next year, or there will be a pretty big change. Basic medicine again or meet growth according to 'strengthen the close county of guangdong province health community construction implementation plan' requirement, by the end of 2020, around the level to the listed at least one county ( City, area) Set specific goals, clear responsibilities and division of labor cooperation, service, quality and effective operation of the county medical body, medical JiuZhenLv within the county a total body is about 90%, the hospitalization rate of about 85%, grassroots JiuZhenLv overall target of around 65%. Research personage points out, can change the past total body be born medical grassroots medical institutions all equipped with and using the basic medicine, and the second class above hospital part equipped with and using the basic medicine, the different medical institutions use drug not unified, the superior hospital patients difficult to turn grassroots medical institutions under the dilemma. In recent years, the county level public hospital pharmaceuticals market sales accounted for a trend of increasing. M, according to data from the network at the county level public hospital pharmaceutical sales of 305. 6 billion yuan. At the county level market systemic anti-infection drugs, digestive and metabolic drugs, blood and hematopoietic system and cardiovascular system, nervous system drugs in the top five. But also want to notice, drug sales rose from the early years of double-digit growth fell back to 2018, 7. 8%. 2014 - Change (2018 county-level public hospital drugs Data sources: m Intranet) Actually, published earlier this year 'on further strengthening the management of the public medical institutions equipped with basic drugs use notice ( Countries who medicine ZhengFa [2019] no. 1) Should be around is put forward in the system for basic drugs and medical group ( A total of) Body construction, grading diagnosis and treatment, family doctor signing service, health management, and other organic combination of chronic disease in hypertension, diabetes, severe mental disorders, such as chronic disease management, play to the basic drugs to reduce expenses for medicine, the role of the rational drug use. Learned, given the way is: guangdong county medical body set up the only YaoXie procurement accounts, unified directory, execute YaoXie unified procurement and distribution, YaoKuan unified payment, county medical support to total body in drug procurement platform to bargaining for the unit, the preparation of county medical unit total body members can be used in medical body internal circulation. Analysts forecast the future county medical body drug consumables unified management, unified medicine catalogue, centralized procurement and distribution, unified payment, will change the county market development pattern. Total balance pay retention increased bargaining intention patterns of looser than in the past, medical, valuing the biggest breakthrough is that can resolve conflicts of interest and competition relationship between medical institutions at all levels, to promote the formation of the first option at the grass-roots level and two-way referral system. The guangdong province is put forward, a health department and the county medical body united settlement, in guangdong province north guangdong, huizhou, jiangmen, zhaoqing and other 15 cities each choose a county ( City, area) To carry out the total balance paid, retention, reasonable overruns to share the medical insurance payment, a comprehensive reform pilot county medical guide for active preventive care and health management, improve the performance of medical insurance fund. Perfect this amount paid paid a variety of ways, to the clinic as a whole the capitation payment, hospitalization press disease score for multivariate composite health care payment. Formulated to promote the county medical body two-way referral to pay for health care policy. It is easy to see that health care paid, total fund balance retention, reasonable overruns share will be the future health care general idea of the charged fees. Formed a close county medical body of medical institutions, and in drug supplies procurement price bargaining power will be increased, the total control cost under each d have more power for the further negotiation, thus forming a price lower than the provincial market price. Combined with the net in September this year close county health community building pilot provinces and pioneer list, future pilot in 28 provinces, 567 pioneer to promote is inevitable path. The industry believes that in the future market competition at the grassroots level to provide medical services, including supply chain cooperation management overall solutions, to help grassroots medical machine promote health service ability of enterprises, will occupy the dominant position.
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