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by:Celecare     2020-07-13
On March 25, blockbuster! The first heavy medical health decisions, will use the rule of law thinking and way of the rule of law guarantee sensitive institutional respect for the medical staff. Recently, the 13th session of National People's Congress standing committee of fujian province to a vote by 17th meeting of the people's congress standing committee of fujian province on practical protection CARES for medical staff, build heavy statue of medical health good resolution of fashion, Hereinafter referred to as the 'decision') 。 This is the first protection CARES for medical staff, build medical resolution heavy who fashion, one of the biggest bright spot is the security staff with legal force. 'Resolution' is put forward to accurate docking and the urgent need of medical staff is focused on the prominent problems of the medical staff, solid work, CARES for the medical staff should be protected. Such as the village doctor, and to guarantee public health staff treatment will get legal protection, specific content we see together. For rural doctors and public health personnel to improve the powerful legal safeguard 'resolution' is put forward, the fujian province National People's Congress and its standing committee at all levels should strengthen health legislation, duly set about medical personnel service management and relevant local regulations. Practice has proved effective to mature experience and system innovation to rise to the laws and regulations, for the new era provide strong legal support staff team construction. Include: medical education, medical staff training and professional management, the construction of the contingent of rural doctors, public health staff treatment, patient rights and interests protection, etc. At the same time, the medical staff title assess, old-age security and access to exit mechanism will be further improved. Improve the medical staff income to encourage work more sunshine, optimal blue-chip reward 'resolution' is put forward, to further improve the medical staff salary treatment, reasonable adjustment of medical service prices, to carry out the financial compensation policy, improve the medical staff of the income; To improve medical and health institutions performance salary distribution system, strengthening performance appraisal positive incentives, encourage work more, superior blue-chip reward, relevant subsidies to frontline staff tilt. To improve medical staff salary is a very correct decision, from pneumonia epidemic prevention and control of the new champions league, you can clearly feel the frontline staff working risk big, the intensity is big, their efforts deserve reasonable returns. Outperform a line side personnel can be the first biography of the epidemic prevention and control in many medical staff's side, but in front of the danger they fight with in staff medical personnel not fear death, regardless of the rewards. Medical staff's ability level should not be bound, the 'resolution' is put forward, the epidemic prevention and control work performed very well in a line outside the establishment of medical personnel, medical and health institutions in the recruitment, can simplify the hiring process, priority action ( Hiring) To use. In addition, will further improve the medical staff development space, promote the establishment of the medical service level, quality and performance oriented, with society and the industry recognition as the core of talent evaluation mechanism. On wound healing and disturb the order of medical violations zero tolerance to cultivate a doctor, whether individuals or countries have paid a lot. We deal with the doctor this profession to establish the heart of fear, and not let some people as a punching bag. These people alone is moral constraint, must take out the law severely hurt the medical. The 'resolution' is put forward, to standardize the medical dispute mediation work, consummate the mediation and the judicial litigation, insurance claims, etc. The mechanism of cohesion and collaboration, effective prevention to resolve medical disputes; Strictly implement the safety precautions, for all kinds of injury medical staff personal safety, zero tolerance, and disturbing the order of medical illegal and criminal act to crack down on the crime of involved medical law is investigated according to law. Establish contact support difficult staff family system is to heal the wounded and rescue the dying of the noble profession, to build in the whole society and medical health good fashion. Protect CARES for medical staff, need to act together in the whole society, to participate, and Shared responsibility. In fujian province as an example, the 'resolution' is put forward, to fully mobilize the general community, Village) The enthusiasm of cadres, volunteers, helping to establish contact difficult staff family system. Especially must strengthen pair of participate in epidemic prevention and control of medical workers caring service, help solve daily necessities act as purchasing agency, children helping school, hospital care, elder care nursing, domestic service, transportation and other practical problems. At the same time, give full play to trade unions, communist youth league, women's federation and so on under the effect, planning to launch more care for the staff of public welfare activities, to a line of medical personnel with explicit PingXian tilted support. We wish all parts of a statue of fujian province medical heavy who like good policies, can protect CARES for medical staff in accordance with the law, and guide the whole society to better understand and support medical and health work and the medical staff, to make medical heavy who become fine social trends.
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