The Chinese border town suifenhe, scrambling to square cabinet is expected to provide 600 - bed hospital

by:Celecare     2020-06-29
On the evening of April 9th April 8, located at the heilongjiang suifenhe, border economic cooperation zones in the square cabinet hospital of lights. After hundreds of thousands of builders rob workers construction, suifenhe, rushing hospital was officially opened on April 11, is expected to, can provide more than 600 beds. With a new global champions league pneumonia outbreak continues to spread, the Russian border suifenhe port and epidemic prevention pressure gradually increase. On April 6, for better treatment from outside input new crown pneumonia cases, suifenhe start construction square hospital day and night. This is based on an office building renovation of hospital, a total of 13 floors, 3 to 11 layer for patients, is expected to provide more than 600 beds. After the completion of the application of the hospital a total is divided into two areas, one layer and the second floor is clean area, more than three layers for the treatment area. Medical staff can be on the first floor and second floor in daily work, write pathography, more than three layers for the treatment of patients. In addition, the hospital set up a two layer buffer used in medical staff daily traffic, patient channel set up separately, and did completely closed processing. The construction site, the workers are installing drainage equipment, carrying supplies, cleaning. In suifenhe square hospital aid medical team expects about 400 people, mainly from mudanjiang various severe medical institutions, respiratory medicine, cardiology, doctor, some doctors have been involved in rescue of hubei medical work, has rich clinical experience, they are due to arrive by today.
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