The Chinese army sent three wuhan team on New Year's eve if necessary

by:Celecare     2020-06-29
According to Chinese media reports, approved by the central military commission, the people's liberation army sent 3 team a total of 450 people, respectively by military aircraft from Shanghai, chongqing, xian, Hong Kong, 23 of 24 44 points, all arrived at wuhan airport, 25, will strengthen into wuhan district designated accepts new coronavirus infection pneumonia cases more local hospitals to carry out the treatment work. Medical teams respectively by the army, navy and air force military medical university smoke group, each medical team of 150 people, points command party, the average patient treatment and treatment unit, critically ill patients with medical experts from respiratory, infectious diseases department, hospital infection control, such as intensive care unit, a lot of people have a xiaotangshan, and aid the fight against SARS experience. The three universities after receiving task, implement rapid deployment, emergency mobilization. From aid wuhan notice to medical teams to complete the smoke group, army military medical university in just six hours, then emergency mobilization, and safety training. Military medical university established by the navy medical team of 150 people, muster at the gathering, say goodbye to the family from hongqiao airport by military aircraft to wuhan participate in epidemic prevention and rescue tasks. Air force military medical university in 143 medical workers il - 24 night aboard air force one frame 76 the flight from xi 'an xianyang airport emergency, at midnight, the medical team arrived safely in wuhan. Among them, the army military medical university medical team was set up chaired by professor university first affiliated hospital Mao Qing intensive group leader, as all infections, director of the institute, he in the fight against SARS, signing the resistance to a gleam of a large number of actual combat experience. Xiking hospital affiliated to medical team from air force military medical university hospital, air force, 986 hospital, tang, involving various departments such as breath, infection control, intensive medicine, medical personnel have rich experience in the treatment of infectious diseases prevention and control, and carried out some of them are against SARS, disaster relief and aid the fight and other major task. It is understood that the air force aviation MouShi sent three military transport planes, fanned out overnight in Shanghai, xian, chongqing medical workers and medical supplies equipment emergency airlift mission. According to Chinese state media reported Wednesday that military logistics security lead troops to cope with public health emergencies of zone spreading work, organize the military professional medical power into new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control. Early, the military has organized army hospital in wuhan district sent 40 medical personnel, pulmonary hospital in wuhan intensive care treatment work.
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