The biggest winner will be the Internet hospital medical total body

by:Celecare     2020-07-11
On September 17, along with the Internet regulatory policies of the hospital and medical insurance to pay for guidance, have made the drug procurement and total health all through the county medical total body will become the future hospital development the main beneficiaries of the Internet, and led the county hospital will harvest rural hospital via the Internet market, the size of the push ourselves up a step. Hospital from existing trends, the Internet can be divided into three categories, the first is the internal balance of payments and manage all through medical body model, this kind of model created a medical resources in internal flow of the market, through collaborative expanding at the grass-roots level and the superior hospitals, hospital of Internet is its effective gripper. The second type is loose city of couplet of medical mode, this kind of mode without an internal flow of the market, but help the superior hospital hospital to siphon grassroots patients via the Internet, but effect than the first one to be much weaker, especially in medicine and check on the earnings of the superior hospital can't like medical has full control. And, because health care is separated from the management, all levels of couplet of urban medical level of hospital is unwilling to share his total health care to other medical institutions, this leads to Internet hospital construction on it has a lot of uncertainty. For committee belongs to the provincial hospital or, of course, they can cover the entire province or country, the value of Internet hospital is very big, especially in transport for its valuable source is very important. The third kind is based on a single hospital hospital of the Internet. As basic were involved in the public medical institutions a total of body or of couplet of medical, such institutions mainly private medical institutions. Since there is only a medical institutions to participate in, the model of Internet and offline hospital complement each other and restrict each other, only by synergy with pharmacy to expand, more market development at its own cost, relatively limited. Just as we are in the book innovation traps: the challenge of medical investment in the analysis, the service side without constraint offline medical system, medical system under the background of constructing Internet are only likely to strengthen the original logic, the development of Internet medical model in the current development is more can only satisfy the expansion of the service side. As payer began to strengthen the control cost, service in the face of the upcoming declining traffic and revenue decline, through the development of couplet of medical and health body to integrate multiple level medical institutions to strengthen oneself to obtain source, thereby increasing volume and ensure the stability of revenue. And the body of integration of traditional Chinese medicine is the most effective. Due to the medical is through integration of administrative power to force a total body, its development is faced with a certain internal management conflict. In order to guarantee the medical quick of the implementation of the total body, the grassroots medical institutions of all income and expenditure control in the hands of leading medical institutions is the most direct method. Because health is the main payer, total health care by the dominant control will help to control of the grass-roots hospital. And power of drug purchase the main outlay allot the superior hospital will also hold the main spending at the grass-roots level. Through the above two methods, the medical body was carried out in some areas, as well as regional medical services insider trading creates powerful market environment. Due to a medical health-care total unity in total body, check if prescribe the grassroots and complex, patients can be complex to county hospital inspection or become a total body center pharmacy for scarce at the grass-roots level of the drug. The move slow disease, in particular, on the one hand, convenient for patients without drug access to the superior hospital, on the other hand, also promoted the prescription in the medical body internal circulation, medical center body rather than the pharmacy retail pharmacies will become the main suppliers of prescription. And in this among them, the main function of the Internet hospital is convenient by the hospital doctors at postoperative rehabilitation, slow patient group and part of the patient to return incurable diseases, provides solutions for its treatment. By Internet hospital visits from dominated the hospital checks and drug outside of these two pieces of income, crucially for hospitalization for its pathogenic provides the entrance. Through Internet because the hospital's main income comes from in the hospital, the hospital's tentacles, ensure that the Internet is the source of hospital for medical has one of the biggest benefits. From the point of the brief analysis, through the right to health care and drug purchase, rapidly promote medical total body. And by setting up a center and set up the Internet hospital pharmacy, medicine has to ensure the drug sales into his own hands and get plenty of source. A series of measures to promote the medical total body internal flow of market, from the patient to prescription, from inspection to the hospital, formed a relatively clear internal circulation system. In order to guarantee the sustainable development of this system, the medical will expand the scale of the overall total body as the main way of development, it will squeeze inside and outside the region of other medical institutions, causing changes in the external market. , of course, because the city more high-grade medical institutions, patients, strong selectivity of couplet of urban medical total body or practice to the patient's binding is not so big, based on its Internet hospital won't be able to fully control patients. But the Internet remains its hospital expand channels of patients and improve their powerful drug sales channels. With medical couplet of city and the county medical cooperation has gradually expand, the future for the county market space will be smaller and smaller.
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