The big three shots! All material price cut a large number of suppliers

by:Celecare     2020-07-08
On November 14th will bargain, not only the health bureau. 。 。 Big 3 armour bat consumables recently, in the blue parker co-host of the modern hospital management points on the BBS, Beijing, said an official with the big three related to strictly control the proportion, the hospital will be the top 20 for the consumables spending amount departments were monitored. It is understood that these are the key monitoring department accounted for 80% of the whole hospital consumables spending throughout the year. For a specific monitoring mode, the chief said, in view of the amount in the top 10 departments every month the feedback consumables recipients details and use four kinds of data, such as the report, 11 to 20 department monthly feedback of two kinds of data. In addition, huaian WeiJianWei also recently established the huaian area to develop high value medical consumables clinical application of medical institutions management implementation plan 'and' the huaian area to carry out the clinical application of high value medical consumables management supervision of medical institutions notice, require hospital organization high-value consumables top 10 interview meeting every month. When the dealer's high-value consumables usage during the month of top ten in the hospital, hospital appointment will be next month. All material price cut, cut down consumption accounted for a number of suppliers control has always been a focus in the hospital, a big three, in addition to the Beijing recently held 2019 chang DE city first people's hospital consumables supplier price adjustment will meet communication, all materials by bargaining. Website news, according to chang DE city first people's hospital, vice President of the hospital on the spot to preach consumable price policy: adjust the price of all consumables, down 15%. In addition, chang DE city first people's hospital will cut individual material varieties, for some material adopt the method of set limit to purchase. It is understood that the hospital will also cut off a batch of material suppliers. Hospital website news, according to the day, a total of 182 material suppliers to participate in the communication, but the first people's hospital of chang DE city relevant responsible person, eventually to adjust the number of vendors to about 50, implemented in stages. The relevant person in charge of the hospital, said at the meeting in response to a tertiary public hospital performance evaluation of consumption to fall to 20%, to strengthen the management of the use of consumables, director of appraised, unreasonable use of consumables, head of the department for questioning, and economic punishment. It is reported that chang DE city first people's hospital is a 3 armour hospital, 1800 beds, total assets of 18. More than 3. 6 billion yuan, including 6 of total cost of the medical equipment. 900 million yuan. 2019 total annual clinic 1. 8 million person-time, since 3. Were 70000. In fact, to reduce the consumption of, of the price of materials is not only a hospital. According to Shanxi Province people's hospital website, at the end of 2017, Shanxi Province people's hospital of consumable bidding 8200 varieties, including high perceived value consumables, general supplies, consumables and test reagents, etc. According to the hospital on the website news, the bidding process, a column in the province wei development planning commission sunlight net hanging net purchase directory or planning commission price list of consumables, has carried on the further demand; Does not belong to the sunlight of consumables procurement platform netting, fell by 20% 50%, part of the orthopaedic consumables varieties decline reached 50%. The Shanxi Province people's hospital, said from January 1, 2018 formally implemented new price after price cut, enable the bidding price will greatly reduce the consumption of the hospital. Medicine proportion is gone, consumption accounted for? This year on January 30, the State Council Information Office held a policy of the State Council routine briefing, in a reporter asked link, national WeiJianWei medical hospital authority chief zong-jiu zhang said that the performance appraisal, to replace the related parameters of rational drug use single drugs accounted for the inspection. Single medicine proportion has been replaced, consumption of fate will evolve? We have learned, in May 2015 state issued 'about city public hospital comprehensive reform pilot guidance', medical income of one hundred yuan (us $( Excluding drug income) Of health material consumption has dropped below $20. Is the hospital cost proportion to below 20%. Industry generally see the document as domestic hospitals to reduce consumption of beginning, around the hospital after gradually began to control consumption accounted for as the focal point of hospital management. In contrast, the concept of medicine accounted as early as 1994 by the Shanghai is put forward. Issued by The General Office of the State Council since 2015, clear across the country to enforce medicine accounted for less than 30%, this year to a single drug of the inspection have been replaced, have come more than 20 years. In fact, the ratio of lowering health care costs, has been controversial in the industry. In October 2018, the relevant person in charge of national health insurance bureau has made it clear that in public medicine proportion decline does not bring health care costs down. Analysis of the personage inside course of study, in order to deal with drug proportion, part of the hospital increase the medical project inspection and non-essential, adjust the structure of prescription, increase profits varieties, but some high innovation medicine was out of the hospital pharmacy. At the same time, the medicine proportion to a certain extent, and even add to the drug kickbacks, some drug companies in order to retain the market even more efforts to rebates. Consumable materials and medicines, there are many similarities to consumption ratio is also in order to reduce the patients' medical costs, but in the hospital, a more reasonable essence of the problem may be how to supervise the hospital use of consumables. Currently single medicine proportion have been replaced with related parameters of the rational use of drugs, as for the future consumption ratio can also be replaced by other related indicators, remains to be seen.
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