Texas 18 key medical project high-speed propulsion set up 12 specialized alliance

by:Celecare     2020-05-19
On December 26 December 25, dezhou government information office held a press conference, dezhou health committee, party secretary, director of the tree the wind often introduce dezhou 2019 health priorities. The reporter understands from the conference, since this year, dezhou health career high quality development, three city, 15 key health project at the county level high-speed propulsion, dezhou city people's hospital, school, hospital, maternal and child health care and other secondary general hospital and the Beijing and tianjin Shanghai lu 95 medical institutions to establish various forms of cooperation medical association, set up specialized 12 league. Since this year, dezhou who build appoint strengthen medical health industry double for double quote. Actively seize the country cultivate 3 - in the whole country Five healthy demonstration pilot project of a total body opportunities, and micro medical group to carry out comprehensive strategic cooperation, fight for Texas health demonstration pilot project of the national total body, accelerate the ling city health body model project construction. Relying on solar town, introduction of investment in Texas town, hua tuo health actively with hart rem doctors group, Virginia medical group, trees, blue sea, such as Peking University medical cooperation. At present, dezhou talking about 23 projects, effectively signing project 4, with a total investment of 3. 1 billion yuan. In addition, dezhou ZhaoCaiYinZhi actively, the introduction of the Hong Kong academy of medical sciences academician of jin su jin su academician studio in dezhou city second people's hospital construction, developing the specialty of TCM treatment of tumors, such as mind disease refractory disease. The national health committee, county health intervention specialist service ability promote pilot project in Texas. In 2020 for ultrasonic, anesthesia, dialysis three key specialty training program launched in Texas, and actively strive for more specialized training project in Texas. For further pushing forward the construction of the Texas health dezhou who appoint promote the building of key health project, continue to carry out the noble medical ethics, medical skill superb combination construction, good doctor to Texas, Texas to be a good nurse continuous implementation of dezhou middle-aged and young medical specialist training programs. Active docking beijing-tianjin high-quality medical resources, such as Shanghai economy to achieve common people couldn't slight illness is not out of the village, the county, serious is not out of the city. At the same time, the comprehensive promotion of women and children, the elderly, disadvantaged groups such as the level of health care. Actively do a good job in vaccination eliminate endemic crucial action, occupational disease hazard monitoring and prevention and control, etc. Strengthen health comprehensive law enforcement, has carried out many special operation, dealt with the case 280, warned that 162, 70 fine. 40000 yuan, confiscate the illegal income of RMB 5630, revocation of four practice license of medical institution. Organized to carry out special investigation, and actively strive for the national, provincial pilot system innovation.
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