Taiyuan in Shanxi Province to speed up the medical resources optimization layout to improve hospital environment

by:Celecare     2020-06-23
On December 26, as the city scale expands unceasingly, the problem of insufficient new medical resources is increasingly highlighted. In order to improve the high quality medical resources to focus on the old and new citizens had to run long way to go to a doctor's situation, taiyuan city, Shanxi Province on hundred yuan xing medical project as an opportunity to continue to speed up the health resources to optimize the layout, improve public hospital environment. Hundred yuan xing medical is taiyuan crack high-quality medical resources distribution is not balanced, improving the capacity of medical and health services, fundamentally ease the difficulty and high cost of medical treatment of major initiatives. 25, taiyuan Fen east campus officially begin knick-knacks people's hospital. Since this year, children's hospital of Shanxi Province JinYuan Fen east campus, campus, taiyuan center hospital of taiyuan maternal and child health care, changfeng on campus and so on have begin knick-knacks emerging, such as in the source area of taiyuan city citizens see a doctor difficult problem, effectively relieve. Knick-knacks in taiyuan city people's hospital, dean king JiLiang introduces, at present, the hospital relying on central hospital in taiyuan city, and Beijing experts to achieve seamless docking, through expert visits and remote consultation, Beijing area citizens don't go out to enjoy the national famous experts of high quality medical services. In recent years, taiyuan to promote digital medical, hospital of wisdom, and wisdom of the prison, regional collaborative emergency management construction, regional blood, successively transferred land 1000 mu, investment of more than 60 yuan, one hundred million start a total of 21 construction project, after the project completed, new medical health area of more than 980000 square meters, 6830 beds. At present, taiyuan electronic medical records have been completed, health records, the total population and health resources four big database, network connectivity, data centralized management, information resources sharing. In addition, taiyuan for grassroots a cloud five side, namely health taiyuan cloud services platform, portal side, personal mobile terminal, IC card, 12320 hotline, remote live side, through online and offline medical resources, residents enjoy lecturing, cost, list query, online medical services such as inspection report query. Shanxi provincial committee, taiyuan municipal party committee secretary Luo Qingyu stressed that there is no universal health, there is no comprehensive well-off, to accelerate the relevant supporting facilities and talent team construction, fully meet the medical needs of people's different levels; To strengthen with the well-known domestic and foreign medical institutions, medical colleges and universities, such as cooperation, establish and improve the benefit coupling mechanism and the responsibility coupling mechanism, to further improve the level of whole hospital medical technology.
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