Recently, the national health committee ( Hereinafter referred to as the national WeiJianWei) Organize media workshop activities, in depth research in zhejiang medical and health care

by:Celecare     2020-07-17
Domain up to run a reform. Since 2016, zhejiang province up to run a reform measures are put forward. In zhejiang province since 2018, running up to a concept and method of extends to the medical and health services, to the process of hospital care most about, the most direct, the most realistic key things, making it the constantly enhance the level of medical and health services, important gripper crack problems in the field of health care. Medical and health services up to run a job mainly include the following ten aspects: the doctor less line; Pay more convenient; Check the less running errands; In the hospital more worry. For the convenience of huimin service more considerate; First aid more quickly; It is more convenient to fill; Mother and child health services more warmth; Referral more smoothly; Internet + health services more popularity. In the second affiliated hospital of zhejiang university school of medicine, Hereinafter referred to as 'zhejiang university second hospital) , the China youth daily & middot; The China youth network reporter saw, in the center of the one-stop inspection booking, can focus on a patient get an appointment with a B to exceed, radiation, and endoscopic examination. Such as single check, the doctor can clinic and direct booking via system. One-stop centralized reservation successfully check less running errands. The executive vice President of zhejiang university second hospital, deputy secretary of the [introduction, pre-hospital preparation center hospital management as a whole and partial beds of each campus beds resources, booking information, pre-hospital preparation, the results of four Shared, to provide one-stop service for patients, let the victim is faster, hospital more worry. 7 patients on average since 2017 of such confinement. 09 world down to 6, 2018. 74 days, equivalent to the increase of more than 200 beds through efficiency, per capita, bed are among the top efficiency. [introduction, zhejiang university founded 2 hospital three access, three assessment, follow-up operation evaluation management system in the day, and on the basis of strict evaluation, fully demonstrated, widely application of minimally invasive techniques, such as laparoscopic cholecystectomy, 374 kinds of operation management into the daytime. 2018 day since has 2. 160000, accounting for nearly 30% of the total hospital surgery; From 2017, 18. 39%. Ye Xiaoyun, director of the zhejiang university second hospital customer service center, outpatient service executes a window to handle the comprehensive service center, one station service, chapter management, scatter in the past in the outpatient service office, the finance, health care for different departments such as the medical service focus to a place, and medical documents issued by the hospital certificate, accounting certificate, health certificate and other 36 chapter all kinds of business use, unified with the special seal for alternative medical business, medical institutions avoid going back and forth across the patients, bulls, patients in the past it takes an hour to finish the matters here 10 minutes to complete. Ye Xiaoyun is introduced, the doctor after discharge from the doctor's advice and related certificates, patients/families out ward to complete settlement, take medicine, such as various proof seal all deal with leave hospital formalities, avoid the patient/family to the admission office lined up to go through the discharge formalities, to the pharmacy queuing out hospital take medicine, to outpatient queuing office seal various proof, etc. Discharge formalities deal with time also from 2 - Three hours shortened to 20 minutes or so. That such a big change before and after the reform is how to do? Zhejiang province health committee propaganda division director Lin li said, relying on the Internet + health care facilities, medical and health services in the field of up to run a reform has close relationship with information technology. Lin li said, the implementation of health care informatization process, is to put the information as medical and health field is the core of deepening the reform of up to run a task to grasp, to the provincial health medical data center, and tertiary health information platform, online booking diagnosis and service platform construction as the key point, such as various online information for further break system, to strengthen the human social security departments and share data. At the same time, in public health, family doctors, drug supply security, medical security and settlement, and other fields to launch a batch of new services, new Internet + health application forms, convenient to the masses to see. The first affiliated hospital of zhejiang university school of medicine, Hereinafter referred to as 'zhejiang university hospital) Deputy secretary of party committee, deputy dean Gu Guoyu said: up to run a reform to change is the past passive service mode, patients seek treatment process into our active intervention. In patients with convenient at the same time, we are convenient to employees, can't increase the employee's workload. Gu Guoyu said, increase management's workload. Gu Guoyu introduction, management service for the worker is a humanistic orientation: institute of zhejiang university in all kinds of administrative process active do lean to delete, from the perspective of service with a pragmatic attitude to comprehensively. Gu Guoyu said, mainly in patients with service patients to optimize the whole process to improve efficiency, the optimization direction perspective services to patients. By up to run a reform, the warm service attitude and medical culture as the theme of the directional optimization, constantly promote the harmonious development of the doctor-patient relationship, improve patient satisfaction. The country WeiJianWei launch Internet + health, is based on zhejiang health service up to run a template, the zhejiang experience toward the national promotion, to improve medical and health services at the same time, through the services provided by up to run a fusion of entrepreneurs, investors and the medical and health service personnel, for the health industry bring huge business opportunities.
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