Public hospital 200000 open recruitment hospital dean is coming to town government era

by:Celecare     2020-05-15
On July 17, recently, the people's hospital of henan sanmenxia shan state ( At the county level comprehensive hospital in public secondary b) Issued a public hospital recruitment information, to the requirement of the dean, recruitment information clear requirements: have clinical medical professional education bachelor degree and above; Qualify as deputy chief physician and above professional title; Of doctor of vice director of aged 50 years old the following, namely born after July 1969; Chief physician of the aged under the age of 52, namely born after July 1967; Current in the secondary and above comprehensive public hospitals engaged in clinical work, 3 years or above level, vice President of the ( Team members included) Or 6 years at the middle management position working experience; Or in the tertiary comprehensive public hospitals engaged in clinical work, and have 3 years working experience in the middle at the management or the leader. In terms of treatment, dean in employment during the yearly salary, salary of not less than 200000 yuan, made up of basic pay and performance pay. Among them, the basic salary of 120000 yuan, monthly average distribution; Performance pay basis on business performance, according to the distribution of hospital performance evaluation method to determine, extend by the month. For annual business performance to the expected goal, the basic salary and performance salary less than 200000 yuan, the difference grant one-time replacement parts. For annual business performance beyond the intended target, a case by case, tested and approved by the hospital target group decided that submitted to the shan state district party committee, district government agreed to give out term incentive bonus. At the same time, if in sanmenxia city housing, hospitals provide housing; Formal employment after the expiry of the trial, if the spouse has work demand, according to former unit nature trailing to shan state; School-age children can also be used in shan state just into the garden, entrance, coordinated by the district education department. Recruitment information also stressed that hire, dean of the employment, management, period for 5 years, including a probation period 1 year, it hired position and relevant treatment within the period of valid, hire personnel do not transfer the original human relations. The probation period, the inspection is unqualified, it shall be dismissed. In fact, with the advancement of reform of public hospitals, public hospitals open recruitment hospital is no longer alone. In April 2019, shaoguan city, guangdong province people's hospital of new venture open recruitment courtyard; In May 2019, south China university of hunan changsha central hospital open recruitment director; In June 2019, guangzhou medical university affiliated stomatological hospital open recruitment director; In June 2019, the people's hospital of anhui province jieshou open recruitment hospital, basic annual salary of 200000 yuan, while implementing performance salary and incentive salary have analysts said, the director of the public hospital open recruitment, compared with the hospital party committee data, there is no administrative levels, equivalent to the nature of the professional managers, this is because the direction of the reform of public hospitals, is the President responsibility system under the leadership of the party committee. In June last year, general office of the central committee of the communist party of China issued the opinions on strengthening public hospital party building work, Hereinafter referred to as 'opinions') Public hospital, strengthen the leadership of the party and the party's construction of a comprehensive plan and arrangement, it also marks a public hospital party committee has to shift from the past political core in the core of leadership. 'Opinions' clear, the party committee of college play to the direction of the party organization, tube, the general situation, make decisions, promote the reform, the implementation of the leadership, implement of the system that combines collective leadership with division of responsibilities among individuals, anyone who is a major problem should be in accordance with the collective leadership, democratic centralism, individual consultations and decision by meetings, the principle of the party group discussion, make a decision, and according to the division of labor pays special attention to the implementation, responsible to exercise their functions and powers in support of the independent director in accordance with the law in accordance with the rules. Specific work mainly includes the implementation of the party's basic theory, basic line, basic strategy, to ensure that the hospital reform and development of the right direction; In accordance with the relevant provisions of the discussion and decision of hospital reform and development, financial budget, triple a, internal organization setup, and major issues involving medical workers rights and interests protection and so on; Adhere to the principle of the party cadres, according to the cadre management authority hospital leadership cadre selection and appointment of work, the retired cadres earnestly; Adhere to the principle of party supervision over personnel, discussion and decision of hospital personnel work policies and measures, the innovation mechanism of choose and employ persons, optimize the environment of talent growth; Do a good job in ideological and political, ideological and propaganda work; Party organizations set up and perfect hospital work mechanism, promote the power of the organization, enhance political function; To perform comprehensive governing party responsibility main body, support disciplinary inspection agencies to perform supervision responsibility, strengthen the hospital's style to build a clean government and anti-corruption work; Comprehensively implement the party's united front policy, completes the united front work; Leadership and support trade unions, communist youth league under the work and workers congress. The dean is in the hospital under the leadership of the party committee, fully responsible for the hospital medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and administrative work. The analysts pointed out that the President responsibility system under the leadership of the party committee, which changed the director responsible for the leadership of the model, instead of to the hospital, the patient, responsible to the society, it will activate the hospital, dwelling for the current status of health reform, can tear a breakthrough, around or will also have to try.
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