Provide quality health services for citizens in chongqing will be diversified supervision pilot medical services

by:Celecare     2020-06-28
On July 17, July 16, chongqing daily newspaper reporter learns from the city health committee, according to the medical and health industry in chongqing diversity scheme for comprehensive supervision pilot notice ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'notice') , our city will be in shapingba district, nanan distract, yongchuan district, wulong district, zhongxian county pilot diversified medical service regulation, for citizens to provide high quality medical services. We have learned, in April this year, the national health committee general office issued by the 'about carrying out diversified medical service supervision pilot work notice, will determine the chongqing into the national health service diversification supervision pilot work of one of the provinces and cities. The pilot is to carry out the pipes take important measures of reform. City health appoint relevant controller introduces, at the end of 2018, chongqing has 20524 medical institutions, things afterwards supervision is relatively heavy, to explore the health care industry regulation of new pattern. In accordance with the 'notice', by the end of 2019, zhuhai will establish a comprehensive medical and health industry regulation system, establishing joint coordination regulation mechanism, improve the mechanism of the health law enforcement, and improve regulatory efficiency. By 2020, basic to implement the intelligent of the medical and health supervision and regulation of credit, the formation of government regulation, the diversity of institutional autonomy, self-discipline, social supervision and comprehensive supervision pattern. Mainly from the regulatory means to innovate. The chief says, is a collaborative regulation, through the department joint conference to promote joint law enforcement; 2 it is to give full play to the big data, artificial intelligence and other modern technology, make wise who inspect, let regulators less running errands, data more run way; Three is to establish a credit regulation, combined with medical institutions in accordance with the inspection and industry credit evaluation, calibration management, supervision and inspection, to report complaints, bad points, and so on and so forth, establishing medical institutions and medical personnel credit records, and published a serious paper blacklist, at the appointed time, relevant departments will make joint disciplinary measures, and make serious paper a faithless, limited everywhere.
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