Promote the building of health service reform in hubei results show

by:Celecare     2020-06-17
On September 2, a reporter from the hubei provincial government information office held 30, promote a healthy action of hubei province and health care work press conference that in recent years, hubei health as a priority development strategy, the main health indicators are better than the national average, the central leader. According to introducing, hubei eight major health indicators should be brought into the city state assessment target, plan as a whole with universal health life, optimization of health service and health industry development strategy; Promoting health management, in view of the whole population in healthy population in whole life cycle of health care services, high-risk population intervention services, disease treatment and rehabilitation rehabilitation service crowd, signing the family doctor service; Joint department more comprehensive promotion of health knowledge, health literacy, such as the national fitness health action. In health, to promote the classification system of hubei province construction, establishing the modern hospital management system, improve the system of universal health care, improve the drug supply security system, to establish comprehensive supervision system, to set up the quality and efficient medical and health service system, etc. , implemented a series of reform measures. Including, promoting the construction of medical total body and so on the many kinds of patterns of couplet of medical, family doctor service priority signing covers the key crowd and document tent card poverty; Overall settlement is directly across the province long-distance medical hospitalization medical expenses, poverty-stricken counties implemented diagnosis before paying and one-stop settlement; Start health protection programs, the implementation inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine innovation project, promoting Internet + health, construction of remote medical service system, etc. In huanggang, hubei province huangzhou district as an example, the advance of close medical community building, now the health effect appeared gradually. People in medical hospital in the body to enjoy a passage, a settlement, the green channel referral services, more convenient and cheaper. Medical service is more comprehensive, has realized the organic combination of disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment, and management, the masses have the whole life cycle, all subjects and continuous health care services. According to statistics, in January - In June, huangzhou patients all medical institutions, hospitalization expenses of 3276 outpatient expenses 159 yuan. 15 yuan, reduce respectively compared to 28. 1% and 35. 6%.
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