Profession change signal: health care will no longer pay for the cost of grey!

by:Celecare     2020-07-10
On October 16, according to media reports on October 10, in the afternoon, lake yanxi in Beijing international exhibition center, a large number report hall crowded, many participants can only play later in the meeting keep standing behind the hearing, the steps of others directly on both sides of the meeting place to sit on the floor. In what kind of report will hold a here? Why are there so many people pay attention to? Turned out to be the 11th Chinese medicine entrepreneurs scientists investor conference - - - - - - Policy hotspots seminar, national WeiJianWei, health department officials for recent 4 + 7 expanding around issues such as response, so naturally attracted many participants from pharmaceutical companies, investment institutions of positive attention. Meeting, the national health insurance bureau leaders made it clear: health care does not pay for the cost of grey. The comments show the future trend of signal? For hospitals and doctors, healthcare don't pay for the cost of gray mean? Medicare does not pay for the cost of gray! There are two aspects to the next step to do it. The first is determined to do support for innovation in medicine. Through medical insurance directory dynamic adjustment, innovation medicine into the medical insurance directory on a regular basis our generic drugs of centralized purchasing price cut to make room will be used to support for innovation in medicine, it is determined. The second is health care department resolute don't pay for the artificially high sales cost. Future health care department adhere to the trend of strategic purchasing and value to buy, some comrades might say health care because no money to make centralized purchasing, I want to be a formal clarification and statement, health-care overall smooth operation now, balance of payments surplus, not because no money to do in, our values are only buy right not to buy the content of the inflated gray, says this is also a clear-cut stand to and from all walks of life, health care no money will not pay for artificially high gray, money also will not pay for the costs of artificially high gray. Including innovation medicine we encourage him into medical insurance directory, but you don't make grey cost, we won't pay! But it is understood that the characteristics of strategic sourcing is the lowest total cost of ownership, to establish a win-win relationship, establish purchasing ability, checks and balances is the foundation of bilateral cooperation. And value to buy is only buy for not buying expensive, use medical insurance bureau, is our values are only buy right, don't buy the content of the inflated gray. Health-care reform horn sounded, medical is to meet change, of course, if the idea into reality, so how many years will herald a drug prices artificially high problem will get solved, with gold sales model will be into the grave. Brought gold sales pushed up the rational drug use behavior, corrupt will also be buried together. For enterprises, to do the clean valuable medicines, for hospital, do the hospital will be steadfast, no longer rely on drug sales to maintain the survival and development, for the doctor, will steadfastly doing dry medical doctors, doctor drugged, will no longer for the sake of good medicine, only don't choose the right. So, medical insurance bureau was established for more than a year, in drugs mainly do what? Mainly two things: one is purchasing negotiations, about 17 varieties, one is 4 + 7 bring procurement, 32 species varieties for the first time negotiations, finally make a 25, the expansion of surrounded only by Beijing, tianjin, Shanghai, chongqing and shenyang, dalian, xiamen, guangzhou, shenzhen, chengdu, xi 'an 11 cities spread to the country, but did not increase as previously expected varieties, and use of the drug varieties than medical institutions is still a drop in the bucket. In order to expand around smoothly, although the national procurement organization alliance, with quantity procurement, link up with the idea of fixed quantity and price; Quality, supply, use, the supporting policies of collection of payment remains the same. But in two aspects has made the fine-tuning, namely first, allow three winning; Second, because the expansion circumference is in 4 + 7 on the basis of the national expansion, we are also on the rules set up relatively reduced competition, hope to guide the orderly competition, three target enterprises without rigid request level the lowest price. The health bureau said medicare does not pay for the cost of grey, that is very good, but really do have some questions need to face and solve, because drug prices eventually need to market the boss. Unreservedly say: grey cost also is not only drugs, apparatus and instruments, eisai also have, even if the drain the moisture of drugs, devices, eisai, clean no kickbacks, and also means that the grey cost is completely cut off, diagnosis, treatment is reasonable, eisai drug use is reasonable, that is to say, the medical service is too complex, excessive medical treatment in medical judgment is a very difficult thing. But no matter how, as a hospital, the doctor should be heard that health care reform the horn drumming sound scream and war drums, actively to make the necessary changes, because health care do not pay for the cost of grey such declaration, also is an important trend for future medical reform.
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