Power classification diagnosis and treatment of couplet of non-public medical pushing medical association body with medical integration development

by:Celecare     2020-06-02
On September 6, at present, to alleviate the doctor problem, speed up building the grading system, couplet of medical and medical body construction in full swing as much in the country. In the process, the amount accounted for nearly half of the public medical institutions should play what role? The expert points out, China's social do medical is making more initiatives pushing medical association with confluence of couplet of medical development. Standing vice President of China association of the public medical institutions and secretary-general Hao Deming construction development in the national medical association recently body said on the BBS, in recent years, with a series of policy guidance and support, the Chinese society for medical to get fast development. Couplet of association based on the national medical and health policy, Internet + handle in social medical institutions industry on the basis of consensus, to promote the national social do medical institutions across the region to carry out the specialized medical cooperation, established a multidisciplinary collaboration medical body, and the fusion of couplet of medical development, and has established a cloud platform based on Internet technology. Hao Deming pointed out that according to ten ministry recently issued by the 'about promoting social do medical health standard and continuous development of opinions', support through the Internet between social do medical + in cross regional medical cooperation, transverse with couplet of medical resources sharing, information exchange; Encourage medical organizations apply information technology to expand medical services, such as the Internet space, construct integrated model of medical service, to join and promote medical association. Improve social management level and service capabilities of medical institutions. The national center for health statistics committee information technology department chief xiang-dong xu also points out that in the development of health industry, the collaborative or Shared has become the future one of the main ways of medical health work, medical + artificial intelligence + cloud computing and Internet +, etc. New technology has become a major means of support. At present, the Chinese residents disease are changing, chronic-disease deaths has accounted for 88% of all deaths. Yangtze river scholar, professor, doctoral supervisor of Beijing university wang tao pointed out that China's hierarchical diagnosis and treatment must be to manage chronic diseases as a gripper. Our country in the future is the core of the reform at the grass-roots level in the district, county, be sure to the district or county central hospital specialized subject to strengthen up. In the field of chronic diseases, with professional put it together, medical association experience go a long way, this is what patients need an ideal medical service system. Do on the thorny path of medical development in society, but the standard credit and capacity building to open up out of the way. China association of the public medical institutions of medical quality evaluation center, deputy director of the Shi Yan, should by the industry self-discipline, innovation evaluation model, on the basis of national policy standards, continuous improvement to promote social do medical health sustainable development specification. It is reported, China association of the public medical institutions, printing file points out that the construction of the medical association, body to promote different system of medical institutions work together to jointly promote the grading the establishment of the diagnosis system, realize the medical division of labor, co-ordinated, specialized service homogeneity, consultation referral normalized, YiJiaoYan integration, medical resources sharing, in order to carry out the effective supplement in the association of couplet of medical body.
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