'Plasma therapy' has been used in 21 cases of patients with onset expert explanation effect principle

by:Celecare     2020-06-06
On February 13th, gold and silver lake in wuhan city hospital Zhang Dingyu said for the first time, the hospital carried out survivors recovery work plasma infusion, have a preliminary effect. Biological then announced its China, were used for clinical treatment of plasma products, exemption has treatment of critically ill patients with more than 10 people. 12 to 24 hours after treatment, the clinical signs and symptoms improved markedly. On February 26, xiehe hospital affiliated to huazhong university of science and technology of haematology department professor, chief physician, doctoral tutor MeiHeng, such as function and the latest progress of plasma treatment, the hubei daily all reporters interview. Reporter: what is the principle of plasma? After much used in what kind of treatment? MeiHeng: principle of survivors was mainly used for the specificity of the new champions league virus antibody in plasma, can quickly identify and capture viruses, activate the complement system appears to clear the virus in the body. Survivors plasma therapy is one of the most important methods in the prevention and control of infectious diseases, especially in no vaccine and without using specific viral diseases, including scarlet fever, yellow fever, avian influenza, such as ebola outbreak in Africa in 2015, the world health organization (who) has recommended; Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2003, there are many successful use at home and abroad. Reporter: plasma to save survivors from severe, critically ill patients with the important role of life, mainly reflected in what respect? MeiHeng: mainly through blood transfusion, the survivors of antibodies in the blood to critically ill patients, help the patient's own immune system against the new virus. Effectiveness is embodied in such as viral load down to completely turn Yin, blood oxygen saturation, percentage of lymphocytes and body temperature, respiration and other vital signs and symptoms improvement, etc. Reporter: why do you want to emphasize survivors from plasma? MeiHeng: this period the survivors can be determined by way of digital PCR detection of virus is completely removed, the body produces in view of the new champions league virus IgG antibody of high drop degrees the largest number, the best effect. Reporter: at present clinical trials about the number of cases, show what effect? MeiHeng: at present, the wuhan city has carried out 21 cases, focused on the gold and silver lake hospital, union hospital, pulmonary hospital in wuhan city. Have not yet been fully evaluation, to severe, especially in 7 days to 10 days period of severe patients curative effect is better. Reporter: this therapy in use process need to pay attention to what issues? MeiHeng: survivors antibodies in plasma volume is different from person to person, only by clinical test meet the requirements. Plasma before use will pass strict to use virus inactivated and filtering. More recommended for recipients, in severe cases, and for too late accompanied by multiple organ failure in patients with risk is bigger, need to evaluate carefully after use; Patients with serum sickness cannot use; Don't need to use mild patients.
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