Planted in wuhan city community strong screen touch base 'four types of personnel' isolation were not for the night

by:Celecare     2020-06-19
Are seafood market of China, the south is north of wuhan silver lake hospital, wuhan riverbank caught in the middle area planted tower lake street community, the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control pressure. After the big screen for 3 consecutive days, we are now completely clear base. Now, we can diagnose were not for the night, and suspected nuclear inspection not overnight, fever checks not overnight, contact isolation for the night. Planted community party secretary Li Shangwen said. 10 p. m. , 19 Li Shangwen sent a 84 - year - old patients with clinical diagnosis to changhang general hospital was in the hospital. 20 at 3 o 'clock in the morning, a community residents nucleic acid testing results showed that positive. Contact Li Shangwen overnight transit car accompanied with car, to be sent to the designated hospital. Before the 84 - year - old old woman, had lung CT, image display is frosted glass. But the nucleic acid detection were negative. Later, the criteria for the diagnosis of CT results are also included. We hurriedly to contact hospital, sending an old woman in the past. Are short of help communities in the past, things more, since the outbreak, everyone goes to work at eight o 'clock in the morning, has been busy late into the night, haven't slept in a. Li Shangwen said: now, sent a large number of sinking, since the city zone cadres to participate in the community prevention and control work, we reduce a lot of pressure. More hands, everybody division of labor cooperation, big screen finer. These days are at half past eight in the morning go to work, from work at half past eight to nine in the evening, at the same time sent unattended 24 hours a day. Planted in the community screening data showed that the community a total of 3450 residents, but due to there are plenty of bridal chamber, some residents home New Year, only 2087 units of the actual living. The whole community nucleic acid detection diagnosed patients, a total of 27 people, patients with clinical diagnosis confirmed a total of 18 people, had been treated. Has been found that the heating, close contact personnel have been sent to the isolated point. Do newly discovered, it must be admitted, isolation and not for the night. Today there is a resident, through community neighborhood platform report, his child had a fever. We immediately contact the community of vehicles, to send their children to the children's hospital in wuhan city. Now awaiting test results. You only think about one thing, at whatever cost, as soon as possible to win this! Tower lake neighborhood offices, deputy director of the Zhu Libin spoke numerous community worker.
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