Person change of shanxi medical 'regionalization' activate resources development 'bonanza'

by:Celecare     2020-07-05
On January 13, as subject is closely related to people's livelihood, the health care industry development have been under the spotlight. On January 10, 2020 health work can be held in taiyuan, Shanxi Province. Swastika work report, the national construction of regional medical center, inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine, promoting measures such as grading diagnosis and treatment, embodies the official stability change and seek improvement in stability. Accelerated the construction of regional medical center in 2019, Bethune hospital (7, 8 years of shanxi Shanxi academy of medical sciences) Hosting by huazhong university of science and technology, tongji medical school affiliated tongji hospital, tongji hospital, vice President of the standing committee of the communist party, presents served as party secretary of shanxi Bethune hospital. At this point, planning for a long time in the national regional medical center construction had the substantive progress, this is in Shanxi Province WeiJianWei reform experimental field projects, as a regional medical center for local medical industry development is of great significance. Shanxi Province is located in the middle of China, is a typical inland provinces, but compared with the surrounding provinces, in giving full play to the advantages of no on linking the west regional strategy function, combined with the policy, salary and other factors, it is difficult to attract high-level medical talents to stay. Be incorporated into the construction of regional medical center at the end of 2019, shanxi pilot provinces suggestion list, thus, will get more high-quality medical resources input, it will greatly influence the health resources distribution map. With the aid of the construction of regional medical center, in 2020, the province will synchronous propulsion shanxi medical university, the second hospital of shanxi medical university, Shanxi Province, the first hospital cardiovascular hospital, children's hospital in 4 hospitals in Shanxi Province five specialized subject construction of regional medical center. And in the field of TCM, Shanghai longhua hospital and hospital, Chinese academy of traditional Chinese medicine xiyuan hospital in Shanxi Province and Shanxi Province academy of traditional Chinese medicine hospital, also signed the agreement on the construction of regional medical center, respectively. Chinese medicine strong province construction effect is obvious at present, traditional Chinese medicine is gaining an unprecedented attention. As a traditional Chinese medicine resources of Shanxi Province, at the beginning of 2019, the government work report to the construction of Chinese medicine strong province to make the deployment. Remarkable achievements so far: the province completed 16 at the county level hospital teleconsultation and seven Chinese medicine hospital of traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation ability construction; The service ability of traditional Chinese medicine hospital construction project startup 34 counties; New 60 TCM pavilion at the grass-roots level; Approved seven national famous old Chinese medicine experts inheritance studio and 20 national continue education program of Chinese medicine; Five people to be included in the national excellent TCM personnel training plan. But as the country more, shanxi traditional Chinese and western development is not harmonious. To this end, the province's various medical institutions of traditional Chinese medicine continuously strengthen the scientific research and cultivating talents, mining of traditional Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine treatment characteristics. Such as shanxi college of traditional Chinese medicine hospital rehabilitation therapy of traditional Chinese medicine characteristics, strategic cooperation agreement signed with the Netherlands rehabilitation center, and presented the declaration for the preparation of china-eu hospital rehabilitation technology cooperation for instructions; Shanxi institute of acupuncture and moxibustion of modern medical technology into acupuncture clinical, broadening the acupuncture treatment of diseases; Increase the diversity of traditional Chinese medicine hospital in Shanxi Province using the new media, cultural transmission. In addition, in view of the widening infertility group, reproductive science institute of Shanxi Province combined with traditional Chinese medicine and modern research methods, explore the low fertility treatments. Wu Jin WeiJianWei director introduces, in Shanxi Province in 2020, the province will promote the Shanxi Province traditional Chinese medicine ordinance of legislative work at the same time, promote the traditional Chinese medicine service, improve the capacity construction of at least 175 Chinese medicine pavilion at the grass-roots level, the construction of a high-level talent training base of traditional Chinese medicine and a group of old Chinese medicine experts inheritance studio. Grassroots health care get sense of ascension is strong base in Shanxi Province in recent years to promote the reform process in to the consistent idea, grassroots health service population constantly reinforced. In stable talent at the grass-roots level, the province for village clinic newly-recruited free medical secondary specialized school students' 430, nearly 4000, cumulative culture resident at the grass-roots level 1 suitable talents. More than 60000 people, 2140 free training medical students, directional cultivating village doctor more than 5000; Promote the township village in rural village of employment in such mode, expand the rural doctors career development space. At present, the construction of couplet of shanxi medical coverage to all tertiary hospital and medical group at the county level, 3452 professional backbone of the tertiary hospital support 117 county-level hospitals; All 11 cities in urban medical group grid layout management; Tertiary hospitals with positive progress was made in grass-roots hospitals, to form a close medical couplet body; Provincial unicom telemedicine platform in 20 tertiary hospitals and 88 county hospital. The move around the talent, technology, philosophy, makes sense of grassroots health reform get promotion. In 2020, to promote grassroots and high-end medical service capacity as the current and future a period of the first and most important. Wu Jin said that in the future, will continue to push live strong county, township, village. According to a 2020 work plan, shanxi medical and health care will be fully integrated into the country revitalization, big countries such as the rise of the central region strategy, accurate docking health basin in central shanxi, integration strategy, such as Chinese medicine strong province provincial level, take the path of connotation development, extensive management, denotative development for fine management, intensive development. All of the authorities to achieve the goal of this a series of measures and decision-making ability and management level, new requirements are put forward. Director of Shanxi Province WeiJianWei Wu Jin admitted that in 2020, the task and the pressure, the unprecedented difficulties and challenges in his encouragement, to bear more as a positive pragmatic action, and promote the province's health cause in the process of quality development bank of China zhiyuan, continue to improve.
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